Susana Teixeira Jewelry: there are those who signed paintings and who ... jewelry. They are in fact true works of art the creations Susana Teixeira Jewelry. The warmth of Portugal, its lights, the beauty of the ocean live with peace of Italian nature made not only of the senses, but scenery, Alps and dizzying heights. Places geographically distant but close in life and in experimental jewelry Susana Teixeira Jewelry.

Already trained and skilled in mathematics, Susana Teixeira is curious to learn, she is passionate about not only the history of numbers but also of the goldsmiths. Thus she began studying Jewelry Design, transferring the discipline and geometry by Cartesian plane to that of the jewel. Always halfway, half soul, between Portugal, her homeland, and Bolzano, the chosen home from 2011, Susana Teixeira founded the eponymous brand giving free rein to a creative vein that never sins of banalities.

The traditional technique of the watermark and the lost-wax casting find the contemporary in light pieces in the spirit, but not in substance. The silver, absolute protagonist of the collections Susana Teixeira Jewelry, always guesses the correct solution between proportion and detail, balance and originality. In the sinuous forms of Foliage capsules, we can see the Baroque, the decorum of the Portuguese Rolão home. Ornaments, visual glimpses that have so inspired the mind, that fed the imagination of creative designers.

From major pendants to elegant necklaces, down to the smallest goodies for the earlobe: the leaf is a recurring theme, the key of this sophisticated collection as modern. Full of yesterday and even stronger tomorrow. And then there is the harmony of the Clouds line. Clouds, this time not passing. As delicate as a whisper, precious and "forever" like a jewel. The stars of necklaces, bracelets and brooches able to dream even the last of the romantic. Nature and man, ancient and modern, fantasy and science: theorems to prove, problems to solve, or combination of numbers to find? None of that. Only, and more ... Susanna Teixeira Jewelry. You can buy Susana Teixeira HERE. For info