Always famous for being the color of hope and now also of sustainability, green illuminates garments and accessories with its many shades.

Lime, meadow, sage, forest… Its different personalities and shades recharge the look with energy, positivity and style. But there is a trait, a light that characterizes all the most popular types of green this season: brilliance.

Yes, because pastel colors, colder and darker shades leave room for bright tones. This is how even the most daring suits and total looks become today garments to be worn every day with ease. A new elegance that is not afraid to dare and to dictate new style rules: green, in fact, freely colors the wardrobe, from dailywear to outfits for special occasions.

And if we think of green as a color that is difficult to wear and combine, we are very wrong. There are many combinations and certainly the most stylish one is the total look, but if you want something softer you can mix it with a neutral palette: black, beige, white but also metallic and precious tones such as gold.

Do you want to play with contrasts? The most popular combination of the moment is definitely green + purple (or rather very peri): a brilliant and super sophisticated mix and match that will certainly not make you go unnoticed. Another “friendly color” of green? Definitely light-blue, perfect for everyday looks and sophisticated streetwear. Instead, avoid wearing green and electric blue in the same outfit.

Fun and cool is the green and pink couple, while the one made up of green and orange is super vitamin: all bright and lively colors that together, however, will surprise you with perfect balance! Just dose them in the right proportions by choosing for example a nice green blazer and an orange micro bag. Discover, wear and combine all shades of green: in our shop, an exclusive selection of garments, accessories and jewels made in Italy.