Glaring, acid and irreverent in the most cheeky outfits, lit and bright in a glamorous version, severe, dark and composed in the sartorial cuts of impeccable outerwear: in the Fall/Winter 2019-20 the green is revealed under different faces, or rather different nuances, under new codes of reading and style, but one thing is certain ... it reigns and will always reign supreme inside the wardrobe!

An autumnal imperative, feminine and authoritative at the same time, a never-passing ..., a feuilles persistantes! The combinations are endless; let yourself be guided and inspired by our green proposals. Ever green.

Autumn has arrived, the leaves let themselves be lulled by the wind, and he: hopeful, faithful, does not betray, does not envy, but dresses you, from head to toe! The green season has arrived, be ready.