In recent years, more than ever, jewels have become essential accessories in our looks. From the classic string of pearls to maxi sculpture necklaces, from earrings made with the ancient lost wax technique in search of new shapes and processes, the new jewelry explores a new dimension of luxury. An avant-garde luxury, which places emphasis on factors such as quality - of materials -, technique, know-how, ethics and aesthetics.

Many emerging Italian brands create unique works and creations, therefore starting not from trends and trends but from knowledge, art and solid savoir-faire, which has its roots in the past and which today becomes the basis and language for building new styles and languages. The jewel therefore becomes precious, acquiring a new value, an intrinsic value, which goes beyond, well beyond what is seen. Italian jewelry has a long tradition and important know-how.

The project, the process, the dexterity, the creativity... in the finished jewel there is a world, a real treasure to be discovered and worn. Contemporary realities are many and different: we have selected some that you absolutely must know!

Color, design, contemporary design and versatility: Vu Elle Jewels creates handcrafted pieces, easy to wear and combine. Jewelry made for quality-conscious women who love elegance, simplicity, who miss nothing, including details. Valentina Lucarelli, founder and designer of the brand, chooses sinuous and minimal shapes embellishing them with stones, colors, gold, silver.

The atmospheres and emotions of Africa merge with Italian manufacturing and know-how for an exclusive jewel. The Axum creations are in bronze and silver, handmade with the lost wax sculptural technique: each piece is equal only to itself, illuminated by the colors of the semiprecious stones. A young, contemporary brand but with a great treasure, the strength to create refined and original pieces. Banded rings with intertwining workmanship, handmade chocker with stone or pendants, sculpture bracelets… Axum is chosen and worn by all those who want something truly unique.

The young designer Chiara Quatrale signs the jewelry line that bears her name with flair and talent. A mix of art, technique and inspiration that finds balance and synthesis in full jewels, rich in value. The designer and founder of the brand manages to translate the needs and desires of women into pieces as beautiful as they are easy to wear every day: feminine, delicate, graceful.

In her jewels? Her story. Maria Patrizia Marra is inspired by her past and her origins, Salento and her native land: the scents, the countryside in the countryside between olive trees and prickly pears, the crystalline sea become the starting point, the beginning of her tale. A story that begins yesterday and continues today in Rome, in the city. Driven by the desire to express her creativity, Maria Patrizia Marra creates handmade jewelry in bronze and silver: from maxi bracelets to chockers, from pendants to drop earrings, her jewels are real sculptures, perfect pieces of Italian craftsmanship to wear.

Our journey into contemporary jewelry ends with a flourish with the Apulian goldsmith artist Roberta Risolo. Her creations are deeply linked to her origins, her culture and Salento, from the inspirations to the same materials used such as olive wood and Lecce stone. Her jewels tell, transmit stories and emotions, evoking the waves of the sea, the Baroque art, the human warmth of Salento.

Let yourself be inspired by our exclusive selection of made in Italy jewels: discover all our precious brands!