Oversized and retro, but also squared and bold, the sunglasses in the latest collections created by contemporary Italian brands look to the past while creating the future. And not only in the shapes but also in those details that are by no means small and banal that make them more and more exclusive, like the famous chain that has gone, in the blink of an eye, from grandmother's accessory to a must-have in every cool look.

Much loved by the great divas to hide away or simply to become even more intriguing, sunglasses are a weapon of style and seduction. Maxi, rectangular, masked, round, bold, black or coloured... The sunglasses signed by the new generation of Italian designers open the view to models that are certainly not afraid to be noticed. Are you curious to discover them or rather see them all?

But let's start with the cat-eyes that have made the history of eyewear. The famous sunglasses in the shape of "cat's eyes" have long been the chosen ones of stars and not only, starting with Audrey Hepburn who with Breakfast at Tiffany's made them a real evergreen still capable of dictating fashions and trends today. Confirming themselves as synonymous with elegance, the cut-eyes adapt to every face but particularly enhance the oval face.

Mirror of our personality, sunglasses not only protect us from the sun but offer us the possibility to customize and make our look even more unique. Among the iconic frames there is certainly the round one, with a vintage and bohemian mood. Its sinuous lines, soften the face giving harmony. But be careful to choose them if you have a round face: in this case, prefer a rectangular, square or cat-eye frame.

Another model, another story: the aviator frame continues to write the history of fashion and trends for its timeless charm. Directly from the 70s and 80s, it is among the most desired oversized models together with the rectangular ones. In metal or acetate, they will enhance your features and your outfits by adding a touch of style.

Discover our selection of made in Italy eyewear created by emerging brands and independent artisans and make your style unique!