The revolutionaries of the Seventies never tire of returning. Their influences on fashion and costume were so strong and decisive that they gave birth to timeless icons. From flower children to eccentric disco looks, the Seventies are an inexhaustible source of cult and must-haves. They come back and they come back.

Light kaftans, maxi flounced skirts, flared trousers, floral dresses, crochet crop tops but also stylish accessories such as hoop earrings, scarves to tie on the head, bracelets and shoulder bags, prints and acid colors.

Yep, the clues (and the leaders) don't lie: for this highly anticipated Spring - Summer 2022 get ready to relive the Seventies fashion!

Find out immediately which garments and accessories we have selected directly from the made in Italy collections of the most exclusive niche designers available on our shop: unique creations to be mixed together for a look in the name of the Seventies.


arianna di maio maxi knit dress


Prongs Bracelet - Axum.

In the seventies look, jewels are indispensable. Among the most popular are certainly the bracelets: many, rigid and round to mix and wear together, or maxi jewels to wear alone. Among our favorites? The handmade bronze rigid bracelet embellished with hard Axum stone.

vu elle jewels rings


Hibiscus Green Sunglasses - Aru Eyewear.

Colored and oversized frames define the Seventies-style outfits. Aviator, round, square... eyewear played with shapes in those years, always making itself noticed. For your Seventies mood look we recommend a very special model: acid green, maxi, retro and contemporary at the same time. An Aru Eyewear creation.


Lauretta Sling - Valentina Rangoni.

Give a contemporary twist to your Seventies outfit with the slingbacks made in Floreance Valentina Rangoni: square toe, block heel, braided band detail. Beautiful in combination with jeans, suits but also maxi and mini dresses: its delicate pastel color mixed with her strong and geometric silhouette makes it feminine and gritty at the same time.


susana madrid black slip on with gold details


Kaftan Georgette- Sartoria 74.

For a look in full Seventies mood you can bet everything on a light, colorful caftan with floral motifs like the one signed by Sartoria 74. The Italian brand makes, with its unique and typically Italian style, immediately chic and elegant even an everyday garment like the caftan. A garment to add to your wardrobe and to combine with some sophisticated accessories such as bangles or maxi earrings: for a perfect 70s outfit!


susana madrid black slip on with gold details


Ippolita Crossbody Bag  - Chiara Daverio

Comfortable, glam, it is worn on the shoulder: the iconic bag of the Seventies is certainly the shoulder bag, which has now become the protagonist of many collections. Mini, bucket, briefcase... the shoulder bags are now reinterpreted in different versions and models. For your Seventies look we have chosen one from the Chiara Daverio collection: colorful, made in Italy, versatile and of the highest quality.


susana madrid black slip on with gold details


Earth Earrings - Maria Patrizia Marra.

Among the must-have accessories inspired by the Seventies, hoop earrings cannot be missing. Choose a really special pair just like those signed by Maria Patrizia Marra: handmade in bronze with the lost wax casting technique. A unique jewel that will surely make your look precious!



arianna di maio maxi knit dress


Tiles Square Scarf - Edoardo Gallorini.

In 100% silk, Edoardo Gallorini's foulard is inspired by Venice and Italian art. A perfect must to complete your Seventies look: wear it tied around your head like a bandana, it will immediately give you an incredible charm.