The Seventies trend. Hippie maxi skirt, minidress in sequins from the queen of the disc, flared pants to feel top even in casual version ... Oh yes, the clues (and the clothes) do not lie! Open the mothers' wardrobes, look at the bottom of the grandmothers' trunks. Because they have just come back. For this highly anticipated Spring - Summer 2018, get ready to relive and re-dress the Seventies!

Very wide sleeves and floral fabrics are the Seventies mix proposed by Parden's, which reinterprets iconic pieces in a contemporary key, for a feminine dressing gown or new wide trousers. Complete the outfit with the hoop earrings of Veronica Caffarelli. Do you want to dare? So have fun playing with contrasts and imagination and combine it with the very high sandals and the Gedebe clutch bag.Audacious necklines, revisited denim suits, colored optical prints by Rosemari for fun looks just like you wanted and still want Seventies fashion. Wear them with Giannico, mules, with or without ribbons, or with glittery and bright Bams creations and you'll be impeccable! Embroidered, light and with very soft volumes are the Annagiulia Firenze garments that recalls and renews the hippie style with personality.And to be even more in mood Seventies embellished with the experimental jewelry Collanevrosi and with round glasses or cat Artigiani di Sicilia. And also graphisms and patterns by Marco Rambaldi with crochet work and designs full of inspiration and ... tones. To match with the bucket, It bag of bags and Seventies fashion, like the exclusive Francesco Visone, total white or color block. Shirts over and skirts is the fashion of the '70s for Marianna Cimini, to accessorize with the art deco of earrings and the ring of Susana Teixeira or with the spiral and the many bracelets, to show off all together, Riva Jewels ...from real fashion addicted.And in the head? Foulard, swaddling and ... those who wear more hats or more. Ties of flaps of hats and graceful weaves by Flapper, delicate blue nuances for the Mhudi turbans, Seventies fashion, from head to toe!