Transparencies given by light fabrics such as organs and voiles, nets, lace, alternating with heavier fabrics. The elegance of black alternates with the enchantment of powder but there is no lack of bold colors that, in an ironic way, make the transparencies playful and frivolous. Because then, after all, with fashion we want to have fun, experiment, dare, without ever taking ourselves too seriously, as claimed by the legendary icon of Iris Apfel style "Quitting fun with fashion means almost dying, you always have to follow your imagination. "

The body is revealed, sometimes slightly, sometimes uninhibited, in all its femininity. I see ... I do not see? For the Spring - Summer 2018 no secrets! Between layers of tulle and organza, the body is shown in all or almost its femininity. Accomplices? Sensual transparencies! Long light, almost impalpable fabrics are those used by Davide Grillo who, between the delicacy of yellow and the lilac romance of pleats, dresses an uninhibited woman who is only elegant.

And they are the skirts protagonists of this trend for Melampo, who combines them with regal and victorian shirts closed to the last button, until the last embroidery of the collar. Fun and with "sporty chic extra" is the CO|TE collection with polka dot transparencies: a detail in the sleeves and on the flounces, a bolder version in the entire blouse finished with precious stones.

From Greta Boldini there are many layers of transparency in the long dress, even more veiled in the seductive lace mini-dress, while Ssheena enjoys mixing contemporary colored prints with inconsistent sleeves and black inserts. Kcc Milano offers a refined transparency in the silk organza pants skirt, Sorry I'm Different makes a detail in the sleeves of the tight fitting Lust top. But transparency imposes itself as a detail even on shoes and accessories so Massimiliano Zumbo creates hand-embroidered collar necklaces while Lora Nikolova experiments a sophisticated and intriguing design.

Incredibly chic Andrea Mondin shoes, with nets and voile, versatile and declinable in different styles Le Dudù. decorative clips. Transparency in a bag? Possible for Benedetta Bruzziches who uses plexiglass for her Ariel Clutch and for the handle of the white bag. Many possible transparencies, for all styles. Which one do you choose?