Ethics, green, vegan, unconventional: the new fashion is renewed and this time also in substance. From zero emissions to alternative materials, something in the air and style (of living and dressing!) is changing. And evolving. Recycling, research, development and the testing of unconventional materials for this industry are becoming the daily bread of many more brands. Emerging ones included!

Upcycled bags, marble dresses, jewels that find their new gold in recycled leather. Unbelievable but, fortunately, I would add, true. In a world where through and through has been created it is time to re-invent. Re-do. Re-generate. Re-dressing. But also to re-search for alternative materials and to re-design the product not only in its mere form but also in its most intimate material identity.

Because changing the addends and blending the ingredients the result is... well, it changes. And if in our bags we find cork or wood, in the fabric the scraps of oranges, in the latest purchased trench coat recycled denim, we are going towards the right direction and fashion. Dress (alternative materials) to believe!

The new made in Italy brands choose alternative roads and materials, seeking the exclusivity of the product from the very beginning. Clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and even jewelry: fashion invents and reinvents itself by embracing an increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly supply chain.

From the Italian brand Fili Pari which has patented an innovative fabric making garments with marble dust to the great exclusive intuition of Meraky which creates bags with coffee packaging. And then again the great art and skill of Ambra Castello, who creates unique collections with a single nylon thread, Fuscra who chooses wood for her clutches or Peekaboo! who in its jewels combines recycled aluminum and crochet with modern and eco-sustainable coloring techniques.

And staying on the subject of jewelry, the materials are also alternative for STKREO: Stefania Tortella recovers top quality waste leathers and through upcycling gives life to her fantastic "sartorial architectures", painted by hand. But also cork can become a precious alternative material: the sustainable brand Adelaide C. has made it the protagonist of its bags.

Let yourself be conquered by the alternative side of fashion and choose from the collections of our selected brands: discover garments and accessories made with alternative materials, available on