Ethics, green, vegan, unconventional: the new fashion is renewed and this time also in substance. From zero emissions to alternative materials, something in the air and style (of living and dressing!) is changing. And evolving.

Recycling, research, development and the testing of unconventional materials for this industry are becoming the daily bread of many more brands. Emerging ones included!

Upcycled bags, marble dresses, jewels that find their new gold in 3D printing. Unbelievable but, fortunately, I would add, true. In a world where through and through has been created it is time to re-invent.

Re-do. Re-generate. Re-dressing. But also to re-search for alternative materials and to re-design the product not only in its mere form but also in its most intimate material identity.

Because changing the addends and blending the ingredients the result is... well, it changes. And if in our bags we find cork, in the fabric the scraps of oranges, in the latest purchased trench coat recycled denim and the glitters are sparkling and wonder, even bio degradable, we are going towards the right direction and fashion. Dress (alternative materials) to believe!

Zaino Atpcal porta computer fino a 13" Tessuto cangiante spalmato color oro realizzato con materiali alternativi, ovvero scarti del mondo tessili rimasti inutilizzati


Goldfinger backpack - Atpcal.

Versatile women backpack 13′ laptop holder with gold-colored coated iridescent fabric, side pockets for bottles. Suitable for days in the office but also for your free time. Style, research, functionality: all in an exclusive accessory!

 Kharm design earrings in alternative and unusual materials for jewels, made with plexiglass: long, hanging, one different from the other


Raggio di Luna earrings - Khàrm Design.

Italian handmade pendants that reinterpret the concept of jewellery through the use of alternative and innovative materials. A touch of color and elegance to make your look even more precious!

 Trench coat by Yekaterina Ivankova made with alternative and upcycling materials, denim and tartan fabrics


Tokio reworked denim trench – Yekaterina Ivankova.

Trench coat in denim and reworked fabrics, a unique piece ready to dress you with originality every day. A 100% made in Italy tailoring that finds in upcycling and streetwear two distinctive features of the brand .

Nobahar Design Milano bracelets made with alternative and innovative materials, made with technology and 3D printing, large, in gold and silver


MyCity Tehran gold and silver wide bangles- Nobahar Design.

Bracelets from the MyCity Tehran line by Nobahar Design, inspired by the Milad Tower in Tehran, in gold and silver versions. Artistic creations and avant-garde that enclose the innovation of the 3D printing technology applied to jewellery in a minimal and contemporary design.

Handmade and natural Mendittorosa perfume


Neptune perfume - Mendittorosa.

A few drops are enough and...its essence will inebriate you. The Neptune perfume and its unmistakable notes are a talisman of duplicity, indulgence, and transformation, a sensual astral guide. Are you ready to be conquered?

Fili Pari skirt in powder of Giallo Moro Marble, short, pleated, flared and cream-colored


Bice Mori skirt - Fili Pari.

Short and graceful skirt, ideal if combined and worn in casual version but also suitable for special appointments. Waterproof, breathable, windproof, fireproof but above all...Veromarmo: a patented microfilm made of marble dust!