Loafers, sandals, boots: between great returns and timeless cult, fashion offers for this Spring/Summer 2022 shoes that are beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear. In fact, the contemporary woman does not give up on style but not even on comfort, opting for feminine, versatile and practical footwear to wear every day.

So even among 12 heels, the contemporary woman is no longer looking only for the beauty of an exclusive and glamorous product, but also the practicality and comfort of a product designed to be worn for a long time.

And remaining on the subject of heels, among the great returns there are certainly them, the geometric heels: sculptural, hourglass, square, cone, rectangular... heels this season (and not only) have fun with shapes but also with heights, ranging from the most dizzying to the lowest of the iconic kitten heels (usually from five to seven centimeters).

Sensual sandals, décolleté, sling back but also open mules, with band and heel, super chic and with a slightly retro elegance that go perfectly with both more casual looks (from classic jeans to cargo pants) and more elegant outfits ( from mini dress to formal dress).

Among the list of the trendiest shoes there are boots, especially those inspired by the Texan style, reinterpreted with a square toe, wide and super comfortable heel.

Another great revival that is loved by women of all generations are the loafers. In leather, suede, printed, one-color, with chuncky or super flat sole, embellished with studs or decorative buckles, in their most classic silhouette, with pointed or square toe, loafers are the ideal shoes for your daily wear. A shoe is a timeless must especially if handcrafted in Italy by expert master craftsmen.

A (very valid !!!) alternative flat shoes? Obviously, the ballerina shoes. We can wear them all year round but you know, Spring/Summer is their best time, especially on days when we want to add a bon ton touch to our looks. With the tapered, square, round, two-tone toe, in pop or pastel tones, beautiful in combo with suits, jeans, minis, dresses, ballerina shoes are a mix of femininity and style that will never tire us and will never tire. Discover our selection of made by emerging Italian brands and available on Ob-Fashion.com