Opi.mo: Opificio Modenese. This is the solution hidden behind cryptographic name of brand. A few letters, so many hidden and deep meanings. From Latin Opificis, Opificio indicates “the craftsman that with skill and dexterity transforms the raw material into a finished product”, then strengthening with Modenese the membership and identity linked to the place of conception and realization.

Traditional, raw material used and cultured know crafts are the lifeblood by which every day, product after product, collection after collection, Opi.mo it now feeds from 2015, year of its foundation. Carpi is the set where everything originated, beginning. Here the chip, used by braids, straw hats, to the fabrics, is the manufacturing history of a place that comes to fashion, craftsmanship, Made in Italy.

The Opi.mo products are characterized by a refined elegance, suitable for any occasion. They are designed looking for the best fit, with attention to details and finishing. Behind this ingenious machine moves one skilled staff, with decades of experience in the branch of prototypes, samples and small Italian productions. For the Fall-Winter 2016-17 collection, clothes are told through color: blue, green, marsala and some black tip.

Jackets robe become protagonists of comfortable total look, the skirt pants steals the show with baroque fantasies to alternate the more linear emerald green version. The skirts and dresses are softened, widening in corolla, in real bon ton style, echoing the legendary ‘50s. Between tissue textures Opi.mo there is a real example, an exclusivity all Made in Italy. For info opificiomodenese.com

Giulia Fucile