L4K3: three minds, a business objective, only one great love: Lake Iseo. So Massimilano Carta, Francesco Baiguini and Andrea Benaglio design and create their innovative start-up from the exploitation of their land of origin. The colours and shapes of Lake Iseo, combined with the original nautical ropes, tell the story of Sabino and its long tradition, tied to double know with the rope-makers of Monte Isola.

The craftsmanship and the quality of Made in Italy is again becoming the base of a new emerging brand. From the scrap to the product: in 2011 the first L4K3 bracelets was born from old fishing net. On the web, unexpectedly, immediate feedback. The knowledge and the Italian craftsmanship return to work with this new discovery, ingeniously introducing the tradition into innovations. Twisted manually, the L4K3 product employ many local laboratories, rope makers of this place. From bracelets to many other thing, the distance is short, the search continues.

After designing other small accessories, such as belts and key chains, the real breakthrough is the creation of a hard working model of shoe. Structured on the neoprene and the inevitable rope, this is created from Alberto Premi, winner of Who Is On Next? Man 2014, main designer of shoe collection. The colors, lines, nautical ropes remain the main focus point for telling, working in a shoe, hand built and equipped with special TPU rubber sole, Lake Iseo and its banks. For the collection FW 2016-17, the consolidated colourful Mr Big line, alongside two other models, interesting in their tones, from the brightest to darkest, rendering the play of light and shadows typical of the lake landscape. Mr Cube collection is based on the composition of three dyed fabrics with a technique that allows to simultaneously dye the fabrics of the same colour, giving rise different colours of light according to the porosity of fabrics.

There is also the limited edition Star Big line, equipped with an experimental micro sole called “elephant foot”. The mirror effect recalls the water of the lake, sportswear meets uniqueness in elegant versions star black&gold and white&silver. And…from shoes to bags. Yes, because this exclusive brand by patented products has opened the doors to creativity also to bags. Marco Nicoli, another main designer of the brand, is the creator of bag line, designing trunks, shopping bags, clutch bag, backpacks, remaining true to the concept of craftsmanship and territorial development, building an idea of handmade bag, structured on technical fabrics and handles hawsers. So many ideas, so many products. For a brand that becomes a message. Ambassador of territory, a single passion. L4K3. Per info http://www.l4k3.it/

Giulia Fucile