Francesca Mazzotta: research and innovation are the focal points of high jewelry brand experimentation. No tubes or aseptic laboratories, but vibrations of ideas, unstoppable creative thoughts. To conceive the other, the new.

The identification with the native territory and observation of the natural surroundings give rise in 2009 to an interpreter brand, in contemporary, of an ancient techniques and materials, typical of the tradition. The set and the heart, felt and designed by the young Francesca Mazzotta, is Puglia. The eco sustainability, fix point of its work, with paper, wood, clay, mix with the original paper from Lecce and other elements, even discordant, balanced as whole.

The lights and its games, between plots and transparency, become, into Francesca Mazzotta jewelry, emotions, sensations. For a powerful intimate path, directed towards the knowledge of ourselves, the art in its purest abstract integrity. After graduating in Visual Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, Francesca Mazzotta lives and works in Salento, where she collaborates with architects. Important in her educational, professional courses about typical paper of Lecce, ancient technique of this place.

In the collection Traces, the tangle of lines, symbolizing the hot land of Puglia, shapes and materials symbolically tell, between their curves and sinuous, the beauty and geographical harmony of Puglia. Essential softness, never angular, where the craftsmanship is combined with the goldsmith’s art. Handmade paper, cellulose and natural materials are mixed with silver, bronze, freshwater pearls and precious materials for a single fascinating beauty. The last line Frames look to the future with knowing eyes, full of past riches. The place and its tradition become memory flaps, remembrance.

Recovering past knowledge, such as embroidery, she transposes in our time, frames, memories. Lace and fabric textures: the ancient activities of the woman revived in the contemporary time of Francesca Mazzotta jewelry. From lace to creative idea for innovative jewelry. White sculptures where the bronze, cellulose fiber, the fabric and the lace coexist, bordered by a protective golden frame. Art of knowledge, create art, jewelry. For info

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