Quattromani: a simple concept of fashion, slight, minimalist where the added value is the excellence of Made in Italy fabrics and details, refined prints, overlapping, for a metropolitan and dynamic woman who likes to impress but not give up the practicality.

Makers of brand Quattromani the duo Massimo Noli and Nicola Frau, Sardinian designers who after studying at the Academy of Fashion and Design in Cagliari and after important work experience, they decided to combine their aesthetic to define a common expression of style.

Finalist of the ninth edition of Who is on Next ?, the project scouting created by AltaRoma and Vogue Italy, the Quattromani brand has managed to stand out thanks to a contemporary, linear, with an almost obsessive attention to sartorial details. The seductive beauty of Quattromani garments is given by a minimalist style in which, however, plays a fundamental role the possibility of combining the pieces finding new interpretations through a game of overlapping.

It is still a Sardinian legend, the ritual of Argia, to inspire the collection by Quattromani. According to the tale, when someone is bitten by the argia, a poisonous spider whose bite is sometimes fatal, the only way to heal the victim is lead her to smile through songs, rhymes and dances, sometimes scandalous, by three women: a nubile, a married and a window. And behold the argia appears explicit on printed fabrics and dominates the color palette rich in black, red and mustard. Mohair cloth mat, wool drap, crepe, organza micro-barré, technical “nowind”, printed gauze dressing, wool jersey, in a blaze of brilliant combinations that define a highly seductive femininity but at the same time carefree and glamorous. For info www.quattro-mani.it