PAWAKA : in the codename of her grandfather soldier, all the "creative war" of a brand and her creative director to keep literally ... under the eye! The nature and modernity of Native Americans, the artisan quality and the style so innovative to make the difference really. And not just in detail.

Launched in 2015 with a limited collection, PAWAKA debuts with the entire Spring - Summer 2016 collection at Paris Fashion Week with BOON Showroom and SILMO Optical Fair. In the sign of this emerging eyewear brand, all the creativity of the Indonesian designer, model, actress and environmental activist Fahrani Empel, who designs not just an accessory but a real way of being.

"Fire" in Sanskrit, PAWAKA is constant experimentation, searching from the original Dayok tribes of Bomeo. Inserted by Vogue Italia among the "200 Emerging Designer to Watch", PAWAKA is already considered a cult brand by the media, advertised in editorials, loved by celebrities like Rihanna, Leandra Medine, Cindy Bruna. Past, present and future blend into products contaminated by different "visions": from pop culture to famous European craftsmanship, from aesthetic avant-garde to a style that becomes concept.

With a headquarter based on the full creative fermentation of Berlin, PAWAKA glasses are "sartorial" made between Italy and France. Handmade, in Mazzucchelli acetate or aluminum Carl Zeiss, a variety of different colors and shapes, numbered in the language of Bahasa Indonesia: Delepan 8.0, Dua 2, Empat 4, Enam 6, Lima 5, Satu 1 , Tiga 3, Tujuh 7.

Strong lines and marked geometries combine with inspiration from Nature and its elements. Marble, tartarugate, bicolor contrasts alternate with the fullness of red and white or metallic shades chosen for the minimal aluminum glasses frames. Mysterious or playful, sophisticated or addicted air. With PAWAKA ... impossible to pass inobserved ! For info