The Creative Spot : storytelling goes into ... shop! A pop-up store featuring creativity where design and fashion follow in a talented tales. In the heart of Fidenza Village from April to December 2017 The Creative Spot will be featured with innovative pieces and sophisticated collections.

The first step? The Creative Spot Design by Rossana Orlandi, art gallery designer and trend setter, the creator of a mix of historic brands such as Seletti, Richard Ginori, Alessi, Baleri Italia, MOGG, Plus Minus Zero, SIWA e Corsi Design,e designer as Stefano Giovannoni, Emanuela Crotti o Jorge Penadés. Beyond the store, besides the standard, the operation carried out by Rossana Orlandi has the strength to make the consumer experience an experiential journey, involving him in a stimulating interaction with the products she chooses.

A space that gives inspiration to ideas and experiments, and will then evolve from September in a different scenario, The Creative Spot Fashion. Sara Maino, Head of Vogue Talents, in collaboration with the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana will find emerging talents to be exhibited in a very exclusive context. And then let yourself be inspired by creativity!