Pearls, a thread of… trend! The classic grandmother's crew-neck? Just a memory. Whether they are the buttons of a shirt, protagonists of bags or detail of a hair band, pearls are back and with them many novelties. True must of Fall/Winter 2020-21, the most classic jewels that you could ever find are coming out today from the jewelry box: flaunted not only as bijoux but embroidered on clothes, hats, jeans, accessories ... they are getting ready to dress bon ton lovers but to conquer even the most cheeky fashion addicted. Because a diamond can also be forever but as the beautiful First Lady Jackie Kennedy said "pearls are always appropriate."

But one cannot speak of pearls without speaking of jewels! Take a look at the Mia's necklace with the personalized letter, the Cult Gaia pearl strings, long earrings with a sophisticated and contemporary line or the gold leaf-shaped ones by Giulia Barela Jewelry. A new elegance is contained in the Vu Elle Jewels pearls with rings to be worn together or not, while Vittorio Ceccoli embeds them in the ring and oyster-shaped earrings. Ethereal, timeless and so delicate Vintouch creations represent a beauty that does not fade over time. Just like pearls!