Elsa Schiaparelli even invented one. An intense shade, close to magenta, which went down in history and became famous with the same name as the designer.

Pink, one of the symbolic colors of femininity, today breaks conventions and dyes contemporary collections with its many shades. Women, men, genderless: pink warms clothes, accessories and even jewelry.


From the most decisive shades of shocking to the softer and more delicate shades of pastels, peaches or blushes, pink comes out of its only elegant and romantic dimension: the protagonist of tailored suits, gritty shoes and accessories, pink plays with styles, with combinations and contrasts.


Always beloved in the bon ton version, including collars, ruffles and chiffon, this time it also conquers those who prefer minimal chic outfits. Especially in the bolder shades. From the classic shirt to the maxi shopper, from the sandal to the handbag, from the mini to the maxi jewel, as never before everything seems to be tinged with pink.

A nice classy shot worn in a total look with exclusive jacket and trouser suits (you can also dare the shorts version for free time) in total pink mixed with t-shirts or sneakers for more casual versions or in combo with blouses, sandals, décolleté or ballet flats for more elegant versions. Also add ton sur ton jewels and bags for an even more refined and refined result.


But taking it from head to toe is not the only solution. Especially under the sun of this hot summer, pink goes well with the lightness of white, butter, nude and the whole range of natural tones up to rust and camel. If you love soft combinations you can mix it with pastel colors such as mint, powder blue or pale yellow. Do you prefer something more heated? Then combine it with lime, red, black or purple. Discover our selection of garments and accessories: obviously Made in Italy and… pink!