The straw hat, a shirt dress, a nice pair of jeweled sandals… finally it's time for holidays and departures, so you're back to getting ready. But… what to put in the suitcase?

If you are still undecided on what to bring, let yourself be inspired by our advice. Whether your destination is on the coast, at high altitude, surrounded by green hills or in the history of a city of art, discover with us which must-haves to put on the list (and in your suitcase): ready to go?

The first rule to succeed in the suitcase mission is certainly to select versatile garments and accessories, which can be used for different occasions. Focus on the great classics like a white shirt, perhaps choosing a more exclusive and original model like that of YouareU, open on the back and finished with a bow. Or on a maxi bag to wear with style and functionality all day long, by hand or over the shoulder (the Ray bag Wavy brown by Irevedì is perfect!) and to be alternated for the evening with the mini bag with chain signed by Aelle.

A winning move to help you pack your travel suitcase without running the risk of putting into a mountain of useless and superfluous things is to place everything you want to bring with you in plain sight and make a selection. Play in advance and create your outfits, you will be able to optimize your suitcase even more.

For example, for the beach, combine a beautiful one-piece swimsuit, colorful and feminine like that of Kinda 3D Swimwear, with a maxi straw hat by Antonella Morgillo, with hand-embroidered stones, refined Aru Eyewear sunglasses, a caftan or a scarf handcrafted by Arja Cajo and… the beach look is ready! Please note: everything can be reused and recombined in other outfits, from the beach and beyond.

For a walk after a day at the beach or a look designed for a holiday in a capital, opt for a refined but comfortable style. Some idea? A soft printed maxi dress like that of Veraroad, a light cotton shirtdress in light or pastel colors (take a peek at Tarea Studio), a tailored suit in eco-sustainable fabric like the one in hemp, nettle and organic cotton by Trame di Stile. And in the evening a change of look by packing only one item: a wonderful long dress, in silk, slippery and feminine (run immediately to discover the Simone Tessadori collection!) 

As for the accessories let go to the imagination with a bohemian-style printed turban by Mhudi, a pair of maxi earrings to light up your eyes like those handcrafted by Maria Patrizia Marra, the elegant but very comfortable sandals MyChalom: the right shoes to visit (and conquer ) the world!

Latest tips? Divide the spaces inside the suitcase well, put the shoes and accessories in separate bags, store the most voluminous and heavier items underneath and what is light on top: folding and ironing the clothes well will allow you to save space and avoid terrible wrinkles.

Have a good trip!