The straw hat, a shirt dress, comfortable loafers or sneakers: finally it's time to travel, so get ready again. But... what to pack? If you are still undecided on what to bring, let yourself be inspired by our tips. Whether your destination is on the coast, at high altitude, surrounded by green hills or in a historic city of art, discover with us which must-haves to put on the list (and in your suitcase): ready to go?

The first rule to succeed in the mission of the suitcase is surely to select versatile clothes and accessories, which can be used on different occasions. For clothing, it focuses on the great classics such as a white shirt, a pair of jeans, a maxi dress in fresh and natural fiber and shorts, the top garment of the moment, to be combined with t-shirts, tops or blouses, depending on the more or less elegant events. While for accessories the winning key is definitely functionality: choose a versatile bag to carry by hand but also with shoulder strap, chic and comfortable shoes for long walks, precious but not excessive jewels, perfect to wear at various times and occasions. Don't forget to bring a swimsuit with you for a dip in the sea or in the pool, a pair of sunglasses and a nice wide-brimmed hat to protect you from the sun even in the hottest hours.

A winning move to help you pack your travel suitcase without running the risk of carrying a mountain of unnecessary and superfluous things is to display everything you want to take with you and make a selection. Play in advance and create your outfits, you can optimize your suitcase even more.

Latest tips? Divide the spaces inside the suitcase well, store shoes and accessories in separate bags, store under the most voluminous and heavier objects and on top of what is light: folding and ironing clothes well will allow you to save space and avoid terrible wrinkles . And… have a good trip!

pencil skirt beige roberta audibert


New Barcellona Swimsuit - Sis in Boat.

Wherever you go, remember your swimsuit: sea, mountain, lake, a swimming pool overlooking the city, there is always time for a dip on holiday. And if you still don't have which swimsuit to choose, we suggest a truly exclusive one: satin-effect fabric, colorful, perfect fit. The Sis in Boat one-piece swimsuit has a feminine and contemporary design, with laces to cross as you wish and a fit that can satisfy different types of silhouettes.

meraky beige bag


Pouch Beauty Artic - TONIA

To be used as a beauty case, to be put in a maxi bag to keep the most precious things or to wear as a pochette, the TONIA mini bag is an essential accessory in your suitcase. It takes up little space but solves many needs: in velvet, with waterproof internal fabric and handmade embroidery, it is available in light blue, pink and black. Don't let it get away!

beige i rocchi cashmere poncho


Onda Schiuma - Antonella Morgillo.

On hot sunny days, during your trip, wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face from sunburn. And yes, of course to be even more elegant. We love those made by the emerging brand made in Italy Antonella Morgillo, handmade in Italy and embellished with natural stones.

lungomare beige cashmere shirt


Atlantis Silver Earrings - Dea Rail

For a perfect suitcase, think of all the details, including jewelry. Bring accessories that are easy to wear and combine with looks destined for day and night. An example? Dea Rail's hoop earrings: handmade in silver with black citrines and zircons. A precious touch for your outfits.

nanà firenze beige hairband


White Dress Shirt - YouareU

One of the must-haves to take with you on the go is the white shirt: we have chosen one so versatile that you can wear it both as a mini dress and as a maxi shirt over cigarette trousers or slim fit jeans. In cotton, handmade by tailors of Naples, land of the made in Italy sartorial tradition, the white shirt by YouareU has a magnetic closure patented by the same brand. An exclusive and indispensable garment for your holiday looks!

tarea studio beige coat


Loafer In Soft Suede - Martegani.

What to pack? A nice pair of comfortable shoes like the Martegani loafers. Comfy, elegant, what about... true style icons: in suede, blue, handcrafted, they match many different looks. Ideal for long walks to discover new places and cities during your trip.

alessandro de benedetti maxi beige dress


Tiles Square Scarf - Edoardo Gallorini.

Among the accessories not to be forgotten at home, there is certainly the foulard. Colorful, light, super chic if in 100% silk like the one signed by Edoardo Gallorini: you can wear it on the shoulders or tied around the neck on cooler evenings, as a 70s-style bandana during the day to protect you from the sun and make your looks exclusive. Focus on prints and colors for an even more glamorous result!

kilesa beige pochette


Ametista blue Sunglasses - Aru Eyewear.

Genderless, contemporary, exclusive: Aru Eyewear's amethyst blue sunglasses are truly a special model. Their refined design is ideal for all faces: not too big, not too small, they enhance the eye with their round, sinuous and soft shape. Absolutely to pack!