Handmade in Italy and sustainable: today we present our greener side, the new brands and their eco-sustainable creations. A fashion that will never go out of style again.

Attention, awareness and the creation of ethically correct fashion has become an integral part of the philosophy and workmanship of many brands. More and less young. Supply chain, materials, packaging… Italian labels are committed to making luxury circular.

Cork bags, dresses made with vintage fabrics, hand-painted bracelets created with the scraps of the leather from the food chain, wooden clutches, jewelry made with recycled aluminum and crochet. Or even vests and coats developed with the zero waste technique that eliminates textile waste, even in the design phase.

Different companies and products, united in commitment and in making sustainable fashion. With responsibility and awareness, brands are increasingly attentive to the choice of fabrics and materials, usually organic, regenerated or recycled. The progress of technologies has led to experimentation and innovation of processes, to use processes with a low environmental impact.

Creativity restarts from itself, from the strength to create or rather to recreate. Regenerating fibers, recycling garments, made to order. But not only that: it starts from the basics, from the values. From respect for health, the conditions of workers, respect for animals, nature. Transparent and traceable, sustainable fashion is a fashion that looks to the future, that is on the side of the future, that allows the future.

You too are on the side of the Future! How? Read the labels, shop consciously, stay away from disposable fashion and… discover our selection of sustainable garments and accessories: unique pieces all made exclusively in Italy.