Foulard worn on the hair, colored turbans that wink at the past, headbands that make your look immediately sophisticated with their allure. Summer is now well advanced and with it many new style inspirations have arrived.

Between great cult and new must-haves, the beauty (and the certainty!) of the great classics is reconfirmed, now reinterpreted with a fresh and contemporary mood. Evergreens that will not pass within a season but will always remain fascinating: timeless icons to take out of the closet whenever you want. 

From clothing to accessories, made in Italy fashion, that of artisan workshops as well as young brands, moves with passion between craftsmanship, tradition and innovation, managing to find its balance in this special mix. And even in hair accessories, all this does not change.

Let's find out together how to embellish your outfits with some hair accessories, so exclusive that you don't want to take it out of your head anymore!


Divas like Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly have made it one of the iconic accessories in terms of style and elegance. The foulard continues over time to confirm itself as one of the most loved must-haves. A great cult knotted under the chin in the babushka style, named after the Russian grandmothers who have worn it for over a century, or for a 70s revival worn like a bandana. But not only; the silk foulard is one of the most versatile hair accessories, so much so that it can change shape and function with a little style and creativity. Tightened in a nice bow to tie the hair or folded as if it were a headband, the foulard never ceases to fascinate us.

Raise your hand if you have never worn one. In velvet, satin, maxi rounded, embellished with pearls, stones or even beautiful colored feathers, the headband has always been synonymous with femininity. This accessory delicately frames the face, making even the most minimal look exclusive. No longer just for preppy and bon ton lovers, but for all those who are looking for a special accessory to wear during the day.

Vintage, exoticism, uniqueness. The turban makes us travel through time and the world, inspiring the East and the past years. Having become a real cult since the 1930s, the turban today is made more and more casual and original. Among prints, patterns, plays of fabrics and colors, it is a piece that knows no seasons or collections: based on its manufacture it can be combined with feminine maxi dresses or light looks in the warmer months but also worn in combo with tailored coats in winter . Donate to our face, it allows us to play with different hairstyles never getting tired!

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