Light, fresh, comfortable and irresistibly chic. Whether they are maxi or mini, the dresses of this torrid Summer 2022 wink at femininity.

United by an elegant fil rouge, the dresses of Summer 2022 are perfect allies for elevating looks with just one special garment. Printed, one color, sheath, wide or with a soft A-line, in our exclusive selection of made in Italy clothes there are models of different lengths, moods and silhouettes. Yes, because, this season more than ever, brands are looking to combine style, comfort and functionality.

Do you love the romantic style? Green light to midi dresses: with a narrow waist and a wide skirt, iconic and feminine slim fit sheath dresses or printed chemisiers that look to the past with that timeless vintage mood.

How to wear them? Complete the look with colorful and bon ton accessories such as low-heeled slingbacks and mini cross-body bags in pastel tones: a few selected must-haves, which when mixed together, will create a style-proof look.

Boho-chic, colorful and patterned, elegant in bright tones, in hand-knitted or crochet… long dresses will save our looks even on the hottest and hottest days, answering the typical question “what should I wear?”. If you want to wear them during the day, combine them with flat shoes such as mules, slipper sandals, sandals with laces, shoulder bags and buckets and fun and colorful jewels, leaving precious metals, clutches and shoes with dizzying heights for the most elegant events.

Do you prefer mini lengths? Then this is definitely the perfect season for you! Fashion, now more than ever, shortens the lengths not only of dresses, but also of skirts and shorts. But don't go off topic... there are so many mini dresses: with puff sleeves, double-breasted and with a silhouette close to that of blazers, with flounces, sophisticated wrap dresses, timeless mini dresses in fresh linen or white San Gallo lace. Choose silk, satin, chiffon, transparencies and the most elegant materials for evening occasions while you opt for the lightness of cotton and natural fabrics for your daily wear.

Wanted clothes? Elevate your look with our selection of exclusive dresses made in Italy!