There are those who would wear pyjamas all day and those who, on the other hand, every time they have to buy a new one, don't really know where to start. Maybe because nightwear also has its own style rules and making mistakes even in the most banal is sometimes easier than you think.

The most renowned nightwear garment of all time is today the protagonist of exclusive collections, which see it declined in fine fabrics, sophisticated color palettes, precious details. Worn at night but also, in some special models, during the day, the pyjamas are reinterpreted in many different versions even by exclusive niche brands made in Italy.

From basic garment to elegant, feminine, sensual garment. The choice of quality materials sewn together with an exclusive design and a fit made to guarantee comfort and relax, are some of the inevitable ingredients in high-end pyjamas, just like those of the historic Florentine brand Flora Lastraioli or the very young eco-conscious label Chimera Sleepwear.


But how to choose the perfect pajamas for us?

Surely the first step is to read the labels well and focus on pajamas made with natural or high quality yarns. From the ideal cotton fibers for a more minimal and fresh style to the undisputed elegance of silk and lace details, very precious if embroidered by hand.

Second step? The comfort. Choose one that fits your silhouette perfectly, without forcing it, while remaining soft on you: avoid anything that may not make you sleep well such as annoying tight bands or accessory elements.


Another fundamental point for choosing the perfect pyjamas? Understanding which style we would like to wear: if you love to always be irresistibly chic, focus on very precious yarns such as silk and a neutral color palette, from classic black to the sophisticated elegance of beige and light shades. Do you want a glam pyjamas but at the same time with a fresh and contemporary mood? It winks at the details, with laces and colors, focusing on more whimsical or playful shades.

Still undecided? Discover now our collections of made in Italy pyjamas, made by exclusive made in Italy brands: for a stylish look, even between the sheets!