Cascades of sequins, sparkling mini dresses to dance and shine all night long, elegant tuxedos to start the year with the perfect outfit. With what look will you wait for the new year? If you too are undecided about what to wear, then you can't miss this post!

Whether it's a super glam party or a cheer with friends at home, the dress code can only be elegant. New Year's Eve is in fact the exception that proves the rule, or one of the few occasions when half sizes are better left in the wardrobe.


So dare dare dare but... without losing sight of style! From lucky charm lingerie to the iconic total gold look, from the inevitable red to the regal beauty of velvet, from feathered headbands to the sensuality of dizzying décolleté, the choice is difficult. But don't worry: keep reading and don't miss our tips!

How to end and start a beauty year? If you want to get noticed with an exclusive and refined outfit, an idea could be to wear a nice coordinated outfit consisting of a crop top and flare trousers. Do you prefer dresses? So green light for bright colors, sinuous shapes and feminine cuts such as necklines on the back or skirts with important slits.

If you choose trousers instead, prefer wide silhouettes, palazzo or flared: they will give the look a chic and sophisticated allure. Fabrics make the difference in a party like New Year's Eve: so leave yarns and heavy materials (except velvet!) in the wardrobe and wear chiffon, silk, glitter and sequins. And for the accessories? Super colorful pumps, sensual boots, mini bags and many, many jewels.

Now it's your turn: let yourself be inspired by our style advice, choose your New Year's look among the exclusive made in Italy creations of emerging and artisanal brands and toast to the new year!