Brave, exuberant, visionary, placed between the physical and the virtual world: when it comes to Viva Magenta, chosen as the color of the year 2023 by Pantone, there is a lot to say.

The 18-1750, translated from the numerical code into Viva Magenta, is in fact a shade deriving from red that immediately conquered and fascinated everyone. A warm and cold nuance at the same time, inclusive and dynamic, perfectly in step with our times.

But let's find out some more curiosities! Viva Magenta is a color with a double soul, both artificial and natural: in fact, it comes from the cochineal beetle which produces a very precious natural carmine dye. This carmine red has purplish hues, typical of magenta which originates from the mix between red and blue. In general, the Magenta takes its name from the battle of Magenta, a Lombard city that became famous for its "blood red" events.

midi printed dress Alessandro De Benedetti
white eremo shoulder bag
sneakers emanuelle vee


Bold and brilliant, the color of the year 2023 inspires us to look beyond, to open up to new opportunities such as those offered by the digital world.
A color that unites, which brings together different shades and goes well with different skin tones and palettes, thanks to its dual soul, both warm and cold.

But how to update our wardrobe and wear Viva Magenta garments and accessories? One of the most popular trends is certainly the one that sees the monochromatic look as protagonist: sophisticated, chic, brilliant, it goes perfectly with tailored suits but also with mini and midi dresses, to be combined with coordinated accessories. Another idea? Create a color scale with different shades that turn pink so as to soften the look and make the result romantic and elegant. Do you love outfits full of contrasts? Combine Viva Magenta with light shades such as cream, beige, white but also gray or blush; for dark colors, prefer dark or chocolate brown, caramel color, midnight blue, purple.

So are you ready to dye your next looks with Viva Magenta? Keep following us for the next style tips and to discover the new creations signed by emerging brands and independent artisans of made in Italy.