In leather, nylon, cotton, colorful, with logo, embellished with details or super minimal, handcrafted, extra large or not… in terms of tote bags you are spoiled for choice.

It will be because this iconic bag brings everyone together for style and comfort, reinterpreted collection after collection in different shapes, materials and models. A protagonist of the wardrobe, powerful therefore to say, not to be missed in any season! Its name, tote bag, already indicates how it is the perfect bag to wear every day.


Practical, elegant, perfect to accompany us every day, tote bags have a long history behind them: even if they are protagonists of the most current trends, in fact they were born many years ago as spacious sack bags, open on the top, to be carried by hand or on the shoulder, used above all in the 40s by elegant ladies to go on their boats.

The following decade they evolved into real hand-bags to be used on many different occasions: an essential accessory for every woman's look, much loved and worn in different matches, comfy and chic at the same time.

Its versatility and timeless charm has made the tote bag an evergreen that every woman does not want to give up. Over time and through the collections, this style icon has been revisited by large and small brands in different models, united by elegance and functionality.

From the ultra-soft trunk to the rigid, geometric and structured handbag variant for the office, from the ultra-light and rectangular classic version with long handles, for free time or long walks, to the maxi and extra soft version for days on the go or weekends.

So are you ready to discover our selection of tote bags? All made in Italy, exclusive and signed by emerging brands and independent artisans.