Our journey in Italy and in the brands continues. And today we have arrived in the wonderful Eternal City: Rome. It is here that many made in Italy maison were born, which made the history of Italian fashion.

Valentino Garavani, who founded his fashion house in 1957, famous for his red, has enchanted and dressed generations of women, divas and celebrities, making them always elegant and feminine. Fendi, which in 2018 celebrated ninety years of activity, always linked to his Rome, contributes to bringing Italian fashion to the world with its brand. And then again Rome is the great couturier Emilio Schuberth, loved by divas for his elegant and sumptuous clothes, Bulgari and his precious jewels, the Sorelle Fontana who contributed with their fashion to create the myth, the fairy tale, the dream of the Dolce Vita , even dressing Linda Christian on her wedding day to Tyrone Power. Just to name a few. 

Today, Rome continues to be full of creativity. Among the streets full of history, art and fashion, master craftsmen and new makers continue to write, to create made in Italy. Inventing a new splendid chapter every day. Discover with us what these contemporary and exclusive brands have written and created, in the capital and its surroundings.


Chiara Quatrale, Roman designer and founder of her namesake brand, creates sinuous, feminine and elegant jewels through ancient craftsmanship techniques. Inspired by botany, her “laboratory of infinite forms”, Chiara designs iconic and timeless collections. Preferring essential, harmonious and round features, Chiara imagines and designs bronze jewels, with a warm and luminous nuance: the emotions and the intertwining of knots, the minimalism and sophisticated lines of the purity capsule, the light and femininity of the Vulkano... A brand contemporary that with great research and skill interprets the jewel in a new way every day. Absolutely to discover! 

Rachele Mancini and Maila Ferlisi are the founders and designers of this exclusive and Roman handbag brand. A made in Italy linked to tradition, to the art of knowing how to do, with a gritty and cosmopolitan character. Embroidery, weaving, research, raw materials of the highest quality are some of the things that can never be lacking in Hibourama. Starting from a concept of demi-couture, Hibourama designs bags with a strong identity, designed to be worn all day thanks to their versatility and functionality. To add immediately to your looks!

There are the swimwear and then… there are the Kinda 3D Swimwear. The brand created by Alessandra Durastanti revolutionizes the world of swimwear, applying the ancient fabric manipulation sewing technique to elastic fabrics: the brand's creations are embellished with handmade 3D decorations. Every single step of the supply chain embraced by the brand, from design to packaging, is linked to the territory and made in Italy for an artisanal and excellent product. Color, elegance, haute couture come together in creations that stand out for their style and high quality. Made with care and passion by expert tailors, the collections by Kinda 3D Swimwear enhance the beauty of every woman. A brand that you just can't miss!

Founded in Rome by Giorgia De Angelis, Dea Rail is a handcrafted jewelry brand that brings with it the history and imagery of a mystical and surreal journey that becomes inspiration for creation. Mysterious places, past eras, myths: it is from here that Giorgia De Angelis leaves to give life to her collections, to her travels. Dea, the two initials of the founder's surname, join Rail, which means binary. The ancient craft techniques with which the brand makes jewels are dressed in a contemporary and fascinating style. 925 silver, bronze dipped in gold, natural precious and semi-precious stones, together with Giorgia's creativity and work, create artifacts to wear and absolutely to have in the jewelry box!

The emerging handbag brand Roma also carries it in its name. Born in 2019 from the idea of two architects, Luca Garattini and Alessandra Bertoli, Sahara Roma is an Italian brand of luxury bags that stands out for its iconic and sculptural shapes. With elegance and great harmony, the Sahara Roma bring together architecture, fashion and the colors of nature. A unique and inimitable design that uses the alternation of plexiglass and wood in the clutch and shoulder bad, in geometries and sculptures, the result of long manufacturing processes. Everything is handmade, expressing a new modern craftsmanship with style and character. Sahara Roma, a name and a brand to know!