Summer has arrived and our beloved sandals are back with her. The oldest shoes in the world, with or without heels, super colored or in neutral tones, are among the must-haves in the wardrobe of the season. But what really makes the difference in style is choosing the right sandals and wearing them the right way.

Choose versatile and high-quality sandals, to combine with different looks and take them out of the closet whenever, indeed every summer, you like. Iconic models that are characterized by precious materials and craftsmanship: from the most minimal in leather with lists to the most precious versions with stones, from the most romantic with embroidery to the most rock with chains.


Whichever sandal you choose, however, always keep etiquette in mind: in some contexts shoes that leave the foot uncovered are not allowed! Although today the etiquette is no longer followed to the letter as it once was, the rule dictates that sandals are not allowed in work and professional contexts. And for the rest... green light for sandals.

But let's go in order and find out together which sandals to choose and when to wear them. If you are the eternal undecided between "heel yes or heel no" the perfect solution for you exists and is called kitten heels. The medium-low heel already used by Charleston and then loved by Hollywood stars in the 50s and 60s is ideal for all those who want an elegant but easy to wear shoe even all day. Colorful mules, sandals with laces, flowers or chains: for your weekends or your daily wear.


Just like kitten heels, the cone, geometric or wide heel is also recommended for the day: in combo with jeans, with a colorful suit or a light and printed maxi dress, they will make your look even more exclusive. While in the evening the protagonists are certainly them: sandals with stiletto heels. Feminine and sensual, they are also the first choice for all elegant dress codes such as those worn for ceremonies. 


What are you waiting for? Let yourself be inspired by our selection of sandals: all and only made in Italy.