Future: this is the name of the new Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection by Sartoria74. The brand created by the founder and designer Francesca Ciccarelli presents a wardrobe that looks to the future with positivity, never giving up on beauty, tailoring and the great quality of Made in Italy.

Core values, founding values of a young brand but only over the years: its dna is rich in knowledge and tradition, full of know-how that has been handed down for generations.

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Francesca Ciccarelli's art, talent and intuition were precisely those of renewing the women's wardrobe with must and evergreens typical of Neapolitan tailoring. In fact, the tuxedo is the cult, the garment from which Francesca part of her, from which she begins to rewrite the history of a garment, to write the history of her brand.

And also in the new Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection, Future, the tuxedo could not be missing. Proposed in different models, fabrics and colors, but all united by careful stylistic research, a deep study of fit and silhouette and a strong attention to detail.

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A contemporary, casual, wearable elegance. With the new Fall/Winter 2021-22 collection, Future, the Sartoria74 brand really looks to the future: with determination, strength, innovation.

And it does so with tuxedos in soft leather, in denim but also reinterpreting, in addition to the great classics such as blue or black, pinstripe and bold colors such as forest green, red or gold. But that's not all: alongside the suits, there are romantic patterned dresses inspired by Mondrian's art, maxi skirts, shirts, soft shirt dresses. Future is… the future. Discover the new collection now.

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