Camel, beige, white but also burgundy, green, orange, purple, chocolate. Autumn is back and with it new colors. This year, more than ever, fashion chooses to focus on warm shades and neutral tones for an extremely chic result.

Bright and monochromatic looks to be mixed with accessories with bold colors and exclusive workmanship. But not only that: for those who love darker combos, they can play with brown and mix it with the mind color, purple and even dare with red hints.

Warm shades that remind us of the season that has just begun and that, now more than ever, rediscover the beauty of a slow and artisanal fashion, attentive to style as much as to the environment. A fashion that points to the great classics, to essential and minimal shapes; a fashion that rediscovers design as functionality, as well as aesthetics.

Chocolate-colored trench coat, in vegetable tanned leather, tote bags made with an ancient loom, handcrafted jewels: unique pieces ready to warm up your wardrobe and your autumn (and not only!) with style and color.

Green is certainly one of our favorites from the autumn palette, chosen for both elegant and casual outfits. Meadow, emerald, military: in many different shades, green will be a strong piece, or rather color, to be used for coats, boots but also mini bags, blouses and long dresses.

Another must color? Bordeaux: always synonymous with elegance and royalty, this very dark red is more versatile than you think. In fact, it looks great both with delicate shades such as cream, gray, white but also with dark and intense colors like black itself.

Do you want to create super chic autumn looks? Then aim for beige and all its shades such as camel, hazelnut, caramel, champagne. Different but beautiful shades when mixed together, to be worn ton sur ton or to be combined with lively and bright accessories, such as hints of orange, yellow, magenta, red but also dark tones such as burgundy, military green and chocolate.

So what are you waiting for? Autumn is now!