A thousand shades of autumn, a thousand shades of style. Fall leaves, flourish tendencies! A little yellow, a little orange, a bit of beige. The tones of autumn color the landscapes and ... the closets. Follow our tips and tackle the new season with ... a ride, or an extra outfit !!!A thousands of shades of autumn combine to the sporty chic of the maxi dress LĀU, with contrasting cuffs, sweatshirt effect. Perfect with Lpc Design leather necklace. Soft volumes and earthy tones are also those proposed by Mikro Couture: from the beige of the dress with kimono sleeves to the darker cloth of the oversized coat, you just have to choose among the thousands of autumn shades the one that best suits you! You complete the outfit with the "Fortune" maxi collar made with coins by Lora Nikolova e sarai…impeccabile! and you will be ... impeccable! Ocher, beige and golden are the protagonists of the exclusive collection Musté Studios. Clean cuts and minimal shapes marry fine textures: they are dresses or clutches, Musté Studios creations embrace the thousand shades of autumn! Foliage, so is the name of Susana Teixeira's capsule. Baroque, Portugal, gold and silver revive in the "collection leaves" of the young jewelery brand. For thousands of shades of autumn, a thousand precious shades. Just like the Daniela Vanni clutch, essential in size, sought after in materials that weigh ... a thousand shades of autumn. And if the small details make a difference for you, you choose a ring to complete your "autumn" look, from the geometries of Riva Jewels to the circular lines of Maya Sabbatini.A thousand shades of autumn, a thousand shades of ... nature. Wood is the protagonist of handcrafted ebony goggles Artigiani di Sicilia. To match? To the Collanevrosi rigid bracelet or to the Aztec Fuscra. Do you really want to be original? Then choose between the thousand shades of autumn the Shooting Bag 1981 Cartridge and mix it to the delicacy of the Anca Stetco scarf sandals. You know, the opposites are attracted! Last Touch? Let go to North of Mendittorosa, a unisex perfume with sparkling notes of Italian bergamot, sensual jasmine, and terracotta cedar wood to live an enveloping and engaging autumn!