Simona Lomurno, a simple name guardian of valuable creativity and fashion. Sculptural hats to wear and show off. Hats as works of art. To be truly unique and chic from head to toe. Simona Lomurno was born in Bari in 1989, where she returned after many years spent in Matera, to study and graduate in Decoration and Graphic Art at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari. Always a lover of photography she approaches the world of fashion through a study imprinted to the realization of extravagant ornamentation. Her best ideas always come from snapshots, fast photo shoots. Third eye, thief of souls and imperceptible moments. Click: thirst for life.

In 2015 was founded the brand Simona Lomurno with her first collection of hats, PungiCapo: landing of her more personal flair and unleashed unusual brilliance. PungiCapo comes from a visual similarity with the sea urchin: spiky cable ties like the threads of the most precious fabric, surround and are modeled around the basic soft of key element of the collection the hat. Pure vanguard. Cleared each rule. Nothing is the same again. The first prototype, the basic model and source from which all the others have drawn is PungiCapo N°1: sum of a transparent tube and black ties. But the insatiable hunger of art for Simona Lomurno could not be filled in this way.. Constant search for new materials and continuous study of possible different decorations, give light to the Effimero: over 500 bands combined with 30 meters of pipe, alternating with fantastic, colorful butterflies with singular vivacity.

Similar structure for the Volo where the black of the bands find most contrast to inclusion of surprising, white doves. A grosgrain ribbon to tie under the chin for a fabled beauty, foreign, memories of peaceful distant worlds. Unmissable dedication and tribute to the the promoter of the hat par excellence: Madame Elsa Schiaparelli. For her the Sol Levante: cornucopia, a symbol of fertility, the starting point for the same black and white straps. Figuration of the sun and its rays. Enlightening creativity. Fantastic is instead Alveare composed by the inevitable black tube and white ties, partly curved on themselves. Nest of bees and of a playful femininity ready to challenge to the sound of laughter and other diversity, winning her scepter. The queen bee is one. The rigorous Colbacco, innovative reproduction of the classic hat of the same name, but forged here on 500 court clamps connected to 30 meters of pipe. Total black for a strong woman and sure to look the world from above of her hats. Writer of a femininity all new, to invent, exhibit, flaunt. Vanity who show but do not betray, do not reveal what that overhang. For info