ÄNDREÄ, a young emerging brands, presents itself with fanciful, fantastic intertwined prints witty clothes, though custodians of a chic and refined spirit. Skillfully chosen fabrics and finished products, precious paintings ready to be splashed by shapes and colors, dreamy snapshots of ideas, mental projections signed Andrea Bergamaschi.

Andrea Bergamaschi, born in Rovigo in 1991, daughter of a fashion model and granddaughter of a seamstress, she eats "Bread and Fashion" since small, coming to recognize soon stylistically good taste. The young designers she attended the IED, European Institute of Design in Milan, specializing with honors in Fashion Design, standing out among the best students. university intern from Moschino Cheap & Chic, after graduation she embarks on a career at Stone Island. But a butterfly can not remain forever caterpillar. So in 2014 is born the ÄNDREÄ clothing brand, fresco of ironic bon ton , architect of a total look carefully orchestrated between quality, determination and playfulness. No detail is left to chance but carefully looked after.

For the Spring - Summer 2016 ÄNDREÄ in fact proposes maxi fluid palazzo pants in bloom combined with a buttoned shirt with embroidered collar. Retro dress with full skirt and blouse clear printed, overrun with colorful blooms. Fantasy worlds and flavors of yesteryear. Minipull electric blue enriched by the unmistakable style of the brand, the embroidered collar, this time with a wire strands forming a crab, blended with a sparkling line skirt in A crossed by blue and white stripes. Enchanted naive child. Large gray sweatshirt characterized by the ubiquitous figure of a pink crab plant, equal to the same skirt invaders colored sky.

Maxi jacket by the texture sustained like the skirt paired: lands conquered by filamentous applications, claws radiated everywhere. Plumes, soldiers of an army without end, stopped and defeated only in unassailable, pink, feminine shirt with white outlines and decorations, completion of an otherwise sophisticated look for an elegant woman who consciously wants and knows how to laugh at themselves. Original creations, prints prisoners of trips, animals, cultures. Antidote to the poisonous, oppressive preconceptions. Wandering inspirations, releases of freshness and spontaneity streets. Downplay, but with style! For info http://www.andreaofficial.it/

Giulia Fucile