Sorry I'm Different: courage, creativity and ... the style of being different! Ilaria Toncelli's young brand arrives in the UK and conquers the capital, with a collection of inspirations and absolutely original pieces. Street at the right point, chic enough, the 100% made in Italy brand continues to amaze the fashion system, including photographers.It was indeed the watchful eye of the famous London photographer Steve Nyman to settle on the last capsule Sorry I'm different, presented last February at PURE LONDON and dedicated to the seven deadly sins, setting it in photographs with high creative impact. Vivid colors and engaging contrasts are mixed between the sportswear of t-shirts, bomber jackets and shorts, the femininity of dresses and skirts, the romanticism of prints and embroideries. The innovation of special treatments and nano technologies is intertwined with the high quality of Italian tradition and manufacturing. From pain to rebirth, from dream to fulfillment, from Pontedera to London: the gritty designer Ilaria Toncelli has challenged herself, turning first into a tattoo and then into a project those unforgettable words of her mother "There are no fears ... You are different ... Do not let me go without promising that you will not try ", enclosed today in the spirit of the brand Sorry I'm Different.Thanks to the mother's motivation and the stimulating idea received from her daughter Giulia, after a trip around the world, Ilaria puts herself in the game by putting black on white, or rather fabric on fabric her desire: the first two t-shirts made for her and her daughter make themselves noticed among friends, then among friends of friends up to pop up with more and more numerous followers. And then Pitti Uomo 92, the Milan fashion week, her unprecedented SevenSins by Sorry I'm Different: just a short time after its birth the brand has grown up remaining true to itself, to its unmistakable uniqueness.Inserted among the best 24 emerging brands of the moment by the specialized magazine Runway London, present among the 8 selected brands for the Notting Hill Charity Fashion Show, adored by the famous Valerie Wyndham, woman of the show and important influencer, Sorry I'm Different has conquered London establishing itself as a brand that does and ... will make the difference!