Mendittorosa is the sensorial expression of an emotion, a mood, a concept. Through intriguing paths olfactive Mendittorosa leads us in intimate atmospheres, envelops us unique sensations, awakens deep energies and evokes perceptions of the past. The fragrance line Mendittorosa is designed to inebriate the soul, that has no sex, and therefore consists of unisex fragrances. The designer expresses the movements of the human soul, the delicate and subtle shadings, she tells Perfume talismans, researches and remedies, paths of soul.

Stefania Squeglia, fascinating artist born in Naples, she is the creator of the brand Mendittorosa. After several experiences in various fields, Stefania Squeglia decided to devote herself, with fervent passion and dedication, to the emotions through the creation of fragrances that are inserted in luxury, independent and artisanal fragrances . Stefania Squeglia, eclectic and determined, decided in 2012 to create Mendittorosa, a project with a clear vision based on the perfumery as art, independent, aimed at express emotions, formulated with natural essences and outside trends.

The fragrance line Mendittorosa is in collaboration with Italian craftsmen and artists, the formulations are prepared in a laboratory in Paris, for the packages are used wood, ceramics, metals, leather, ropes ... and poetry. Mendittorosa debut in the world of artistic perfumery with a Trilogy. Alfa is the beginning, birth, a fresh fragrance, clear, warm and extremely elegant. Omega is the end, smoky atmosphere enveloping and velvety with hints of incense. Between the beginning and the end is Id, a rich scent of overwhelming passion, black lava that plows the earth, love wrapped by a power in the making.

After the trilogy Mendittorosa presents dualism, North and South. The first bright, pure white, the second chaotic, confused, highly seductive. Archetipo and Rituale are the two new creations Mendittorosa, very different but united by a movement of the soul that goes into the depths of memories, into deeper ego. Rituale is a blessing, a prayer, a whisper on your skin. Archetipo is a shadow primordial silence, the perception of the world. Mendittorosa is a creative motion in constant evolution, it enraptures us through seductive emotional pathways and continue to seduce us with compelling visions. You can buy Mendittorosa HERE. For info