Sport has its own rules of play and style: yes, because if until some time ago the wardrobe did not offer such glamorous and trendy garments to wear during sports activities, now things have changed.

From jogging to yoga, from pilates to padel, from trekking to an hour of workout done in the gym or in the center of your living room following a tutorial, one thing is certain: sportswear has won its game by adding style to comfort and functionality.

The fashion market offers clothing and accessories that are increasingly in line with the needs of those who love to train and keep fit in their free time. Not just big brands, but niche brands that make exclusive products designed down to the smallest detail every day.

Colors, fabrics, contemporary and avant-garde silhouettes that make the wearer feel good, mixing good taste and comfort. No foregoing style therefore, but sportswear that is increasingly loved and in vogue so much that it can also be worn off the pitch or the gym.

In addition to a careful and targeted construction of the brands of a functional and design wardrobe created for sport, today we are experiencing even more the contamination between sportswear and dailywear. From leggings in technical fabric to maxi sweatshirts, from baseball caps to gymnastic crop tops (just to name a few), the wardrobe of each of us is becoming more and more dynamic and inclusive. Just like sport.

Sweatshirts are embellished with embroidery, sneakers are worn with tailored coats, sweatpants are mixed with blazers and shirts, baseball caps complete glam outfits by joining colorful micro bags. A revolution of style, concepts and preconceptions that opens up wardrobes to new solutions. Inclusive, positive, free.

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