Tartan, for a style based on…the square! Squares, big squares and little squares. The Scottish print in its excellence has been confirmed on the top trend list of autumn/winter 2019-20, exploding in all its forms and colours. Be it a total look, a top or a maxi coat, the checks of the famous kilt return to saturate catwalks and magazines. Preppy on the miniskirt, slightly masculine on the suit, grunge on shirts - prepare yourselves to see the world…from a square!Its story? It’s lengthy and it conquered everyone. Scotland, England (Royal Family included!) and more, all the way to the bon ton of the 60s and the punk of the 70s, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, grunge… In reality started as a must in menswear, tartan today more than ever, is also the protagonist of the female wardrobe. Traditional but at the same time innovative, its colours get updated, going beyond the more classic greens, reds, blues, greys, whites and blacks. Sometimes becoming large, other times small, others gigantic, others miniscule. A true and perfect play on bonds.Its characteristic quadratic design, traditionally reproduced on woolen textiles, now gets reinterpreted by the big brands and emerging stylists. Nobody excluded! Bold but highly fashionable if worn from head to toe, whimsical but stylish mixed with other prints, more discrete but never dull if chosen as a solo piece. The iconic red that on tartan has always paired perfectly with petroleum green, or the classic white that finds its other half in black; they certainly will not remain alone. To keep them company? An explosion…of tartan! So, are you ready to discover our proposals?Warm, orange tones activate the tartan on the swathling Cettina Bucca coat, or that on the refined pencil skirt by Caterina Moro, who also signs a delicate shirt with her checks. Earthy and enveloping is the tartan proposed by Gabriele Colangelo be it in the total look version, or otherwise, while Federico Cina tinges it with new inspiration in his choice of delicate pastel colours. A timeless must-have is Matteo Lamandini’s tartan that combines with tailored street-style clothes.The MRZ woman, dressed in “all check” is contemporary and determined, while Calcaterra renovates tartan rendering it glam and elegant. There is some lively colour (and tartan) experimentation from I’m Isola Marras, while LAU on the other hand prefers it in black and white on its jaunty shirt dress. Black and white is also the protagonist of the super original skirt by Yojiro Kake: precise, minimal lines design a unique garment that is made following the antique technique of origami. And if the difference is in the details, don’t ever leave anything or any accessory to chance! The tartan hat by Gi’n’gi, Federico Price’s mini bag, bucket bag or small bag Mansur Gavriel.Tartan mania? What a spree it will be!