Tartan is more than a print, a design, a fabric: it is a story to tell. The very famous and long-lived checked pattern, obtained from the intertwining of colored threads, has distant origins.

Rewinding the thread of its history, tartan was born in the Scottish Highlands and then became famous with the kilt, the iconic symbol of Scotland, born in the seventeenth century. But to make it one of the fabrics, still preferred today and shown off at Buckingham Palace, was Queen Victoria, who already made this print so regal in the Nineteenth century.


Much loved by designers, by big fashion brands as well as by the younger and more emerging ones, tartan has taken on and expressed different, sometimes conflicting meanings and messages over time. An example? The link between punk and tartan in the 70s, revolutionary and animated by the subculture.

And today, at a distance of time and seasons, tartan is still at the center of collections, the protagonist of garments and accessories. From the Scottish skirt, beautiful both in the long model and in the mini version, to tailored trousers, from handbags to shoppers, from maxi capes to hats, to headbands. Not to mention the beautiful oversized jackets, long vests or comfy coats, tartan is no longer just chosen and used in the classic combo (red, green, blue and yellow) but declined in many variations of different palettes such as that of warm brown tones.

Have fun combining it with your looks and warm up your fall wardrobe with this iconic and always trendy print. If you don't like wearing patterns, start in small doses: wear tartan print accessories such as a nice bag, a headband or a maxi scarf and mix them with monochromatic outfits.

If, on the other hand, you dare with prints and combinations, go ahead with maxi coats, suits, accessories and garments in mood: discover now our selection of made in Italy creations and add a touch of tartan to your looks!