SUNBOO, Sun + Bamboo. Here is the solution! It is right in the bamboo that hides the secret ingredient of the recipe all ecofriendly contemporary SUNBOO glasses. Pratical, lightweight and environmentally friendly, holder of a new world view. Eco yes, but never forgetting the good taste.

Gradueted in Economics, but behind a family engaged in fashion retail, Andrea Cilli, along with two friends and now associates Andrea Bolfo and Bruno Bolfo, founded in 2013 SUNBOO. Versatile and innovative, such as their trademark, bamboo, this young label is not hard at all to emerge, distinguished by quality and strong aestethic sense.


Their brilliant idea was surely to write a formula not yet invented, by applying to the practice already a trump card on the theory: to unite for the first time the matter and the properties of bamboo wood to a super field marketed as what sunglasses. The well-defined and efficient organization and the division of roles within the team has led to an optimization of the work, to a well deserved success. The collection produced are currently two. The Bamboo was founded with the brand, and characterized by the use of organic lenses framed by flexible bamboo wood frames, where the more traditional round and square shapes are associated with models from round lenses fitted on rectangular perimeters, thus building an impactful and modern game of volumes.

And then there is Space, the last born. Bamboo is here replaced by a thermoplastic element, obviously ecofriendly, a new acetate, 100% biodegradable and recyclable. The cotton fibers and those of wood are the basis, in perfect green style. The design consists on three models Element, Acut, Geometric. The look is emphasized by the accent marked and decided of refined lines, the beauty of a pair of glasses with no ifs and buts, designed for the most diverse personalities. Eyes fixed on the environment, eyes on fashion. For info

Giulia Fucile