Manfredi Manara: romance and femininity are just a hint of the powerful mix born in 2016. The emblem of contemporary seduction, hight heeled shoes, is softned, embellished and made the star of a brand narrator of travel, experiences, distant landscapes before lived and later recounted in the luxury of a timeless accessory. The craftsmanship and Made in Italy become essential characteristics of Manfredi Manara shoes, modern as classic, sophisticated as strong.


Born in 1990 in Monaco from Italian father and Argentine mother, Manfredi Conti Manara studied at the London College of Fashion and then he moves and works between London, Paris, New York. The trip and the geographical and cultural contamination were already written into its dna, thus also inevitable in the brand. After deciding to take a very personal way, establishing the brand Manfredi Manara, he moves among the footwear districts of Marche, Tuscany and Veneto to learn the tricks and secrets of the pride of the Italian craft tradition.

Just outside Milan, however, he discovers his place: in an heir atelier of decades and decades of composing luxurious handmade shoes, he finds the ideal home for his unusual jewels. Already recognized as an emerging talent, present in latest edition of Altaroma within A.I scouting project at the Ex Dogana and in the recent White Milano in the section It's Time To Contemporary Artisan, he hides in his shoes of the steps already taken and those to do.

The embroideres and trimmings give a magical aspect to decollete, to sandals perfectly manicured, remarkable example of handmade, where the play of colors catch the eye and creates magnificent pairs. Red and pink, black and powder pink, black and blue: in the opposition of tones there are new balances. Fringes and small strings are placed on delicate shoes but also baroque, charming. A promise. A certainty. Manfredi Manara. Per info

Giulia Fucile