Sara Giunti: technology, aesthetic, functionality. A new smartphone? But no! The bag of new generation has arrived. Always online and connected with the world, vibrates when they call you, is lit as soon as you open it.

Roman, grew up on bread and creativity, Sara Giunti gradueted in Fashion Design at IED in 2011, giving birth to L' Ed Emotion Design a year later, the line of accessories evolved then in the homonymous brand Sara Giunti. To distinguish its brand is not a simple element or a sophisticated detail, but rather the invention of a patented mechanism, thanks to the collaborations of technicians and engineers. A sensore sensitive to the zip movement turns on the led lights, placed inside the bag; also the battery that feeds two led strips offers the possibility to recharge within electronic devices through a USB cable.


Winner of the Ambassador of Values Entrepreneurship at the Ardesis Festival European Enterprise Day, sponsored by the European Commission and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, she has continued to develop her talent combining her most ingenious mind with the more stylistic. By placing the technology on the artisanal and traditional processes, she has achieved a unique product of its kind. Next to the first line Sara Giunti, which is founded on the purism of leather geometry and colors that recall the much-loved Japan, inspiration for the logo of the three triangles stuck, origami of kimono, born 289 by Sara Giunti. Newcomer but not for style, this capsule fully embodies the concept of practicality.

The typical texture, Fan, is based on ancient Japanase seals of Art Nouveau, recalling organic forms, like the range of papyrus or lotus flowers. Resistant, soft and waterproof, similar to the effect of the skin, but in fact mix of cotton and pvc, the 289 offers more variants of look. From the large shopper Adelaide to more square Madeline, from the backpack Jaque to pretty Colette or Sophie. Different outside but the same inside, made of the same stuff: a bluetooth makes it vibrate the handle of to each notification received on the phone, a button illuminates inside the bag whenever you want. And then you say goodbye to chaotic Mary Poppins bag or ironic acrobatics to find even just a bunch of keys. It's time for innovation, it's time for Sara Giunti. For info

Giulia Fucile