Susana Traca: cosmopolitan, multifaceted and unique. These, and not only the most appropriate adjectives to describe a label that is new in the visions, traditional in the processing. In her researched shoes the sound of the steps taken, the trampled areas and those yet to be explored.

Susana Traca founded in 2013 the namesake brand by choosing Italy and Made in Italy as the home of her project. She was born in Angola, she then came to study in Portugal, she came later in contact with fashion working as a model and moving as well among middle Europe catwalks.

Her creative genius was, however, need to be realized in different ways, so Susana, after finding her base in Milan, she discovers and affirms herself as a shoe designer. Her propensity to travel, to other, to different is fully reflected in her multi-ethnic creations.

Universal, the result of a mind open to experimentation, to a melting pot that can add considerable substance to a beautiful aesthetic. The art, the many landscapes seen, the emotions inspire young designers in the elaboration of exclusive pieces. Folk and Mexico are the wires that move the collection Autumn / Winter 2016-17 produced in Italy: in symbols, colors and fabrics the beauty of a great civilization, the Maya, mixed with tribal masks, for a winning stylistic contamination.

The iconic running strike, the sneakers sandal, however, continues to take place among the new creations in unusual colors or prints. Awarded in the first edition of Who is on Next? Dubai, part of the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience, Susana Traca continues to amaze, surprise. Piece by piece. Step by step. Shoe after shoe. For info

Giulia Fucile