Veronica Caffarelli: charismatic craftsmanship, mother not merely on jewelry but of exclusive ornaments. Precious uniqueness. Disparate materials used, glimpses of distant worlds: Europe, Latin America, Asia. Little different sand grains ready to become wet beach of the same ocean. Minutes differentiated frame, mixed in an original unquestionably Made in Italy brand.

Veronica Caffarelli, she graduated in Rome at the Accademia Internazionale d'Alta Moda e d'Arte del Costume Koefia then embark on a career focused on product management of known Italian fashion houses. In 2009, for family reasons, she moved to Argentina and here she makes the leap, following her vocation to the gem. She graduated from the contemporary jewelery school of Maria de Medici in Buenos Aires before she attend the goldsmith studio of the master Jorge Castanon and designer Fabiana Gadano. After making a specialized lacquer workshop, also in Buenos Aires, with Professor Francine Schloet she returned to Italy to officially launch her brand Veronica Caffarelli Jewels.

Her ideations are so extremely creative as recognizable. Indelible marks, as true conquerors. Long necklace pendant by the unusual, funny brick. Lego small, lonely newborn element, imperceptible chest of a larger explosive, ironic revolution.

Smiling gash, break from the rigorous ordinariness. Colored stones marry bronzed rings. Synergy, perfect fit. Brilliant elegance for a resplendent femininity. Playful constructions, solid geometric vivid, suddenly fanciful necklaces. Fond, childhood memories. Squared relevant undisputed charm ring.

Encounter and clash of dueling colors, orange and green, mitigated in peaceful purity of white maximally expressed in a harmonious décor, antique, delicate mosaic. Contemporary design, exotic artistry frame. Precious globe of distant lands, possibly different but so close in global jewelry designer Veronica Caffarelli. You can buy Veronica Caffarelli HERE. For info