Made in Italy, which has always been synonymous with quality and excellence, reinterprets style and manufacturing with niche artisan brands and new names in fashion, renewing not only the design but also the way of communicating and selling.

Innovative languages ​​that are increasingly contaminating the world of fashion and its niches every day. In fact, there are many artisans who sell clothing and accessories made by hand and made exclusively for the customer through the web. Tailor made: this is the new dimension of luxury, the one that satisfies the needs and desires of the consumer.


A fashion that goes towards oneself, a fashion that does not exclude but that includes what we are, what each of us is: yes, because the tailor made surpasses homologation in the name of creations made specifically for us.

Bags made with a special color palette, jewelry with engravings on request, suits that perfectly follow the silhouette to the centimeter: all of this available for purchase directly from home, in any country and time zone. Thus the made in Italy merges its great know-how with the new behaviors of the consumer, increasingly in search of the unique piece also through web channels.

Shoes that are handmade as they once were following tradition, bags that prefer the quality of the leathers and materials used to the big logo, assembled by hand in small shops and then shipped all over the world. An accessory, a garment, a jewel made by the brand for you, which starts from you, following not the trends but your unique and unrepeatable personality.

Tailor made, waiting for processing, the uniqueness of the product are perfectly combined with a great current, urgent theme: sustainability. Against mass production, tailor made marries the request, the desire, the need of a consumer who is aware of what he wants and is increasingly attentive to the environment.

Thus the uniqueness and value of the tailor made show among their sides also the greener one: the fact on request travels along the lines of waiting, slow fashion, craftsmanship. Discover our made in Italy and Tailor made for you creations!