Sis in Boat is the contemporary made in Italy swimwear brand that renews traditional bikinis, swimsuits and beachwear with a stylistic signature of its own. Chic silhouette, couture details, study and research of comfortable and elegant fits.

The young brand Sis in Boat, born in 2016, aims to make swimwear precious: its mission is not to create simple beach outfits, but real style statements. The swimsuit thus becomes the protagonist of fine collections, handcrafted in Italy with carefully selected and eco-sustainable materials.

The choice and use of super-opaque microfibres and Sensitive® Fabrics that filter the sun's rays, protect against the effects of ultraviolet rays, the fineness of the weave reduces the drying time of the swimsuits and the construction of the shirt makes the swimsuits resistant for a long time.

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A sensual, feminine and timeless swimwear, a mix of garments designed to enhance the body in all its forms. The Sis in Boat models are in fact born from a careful study of wearability, as important as design; each creation is characterized by an enveloped process that hides all the seams and makes the garment extremely precious and comfortable.

The cleanliness of the design is combined with a vibrant color palette, an essential style that is mixed with an extraordinary search for fabrics of the highest value and quality, all and only made in Italy by the best workers in the beachwear sector.

For every need and occasion of use, Sis in Boat creates different and always versatile swimsuits: from the elegant Exuma bikini, in Satin-effect fabric with an extraordinary shine, to the sporty chic of the Hawaii one-piece swimsuit, super light, up to the beautiful Los Cabos swimsuit, soft and breathable, super glamorous and with a cross of draped fabric on the back. Unique, exclusive, sophisticated models, all wonderful, all to wear. What are you waiting for? Discover now the made in Italy brand Sis in Boat and its precious swimwear.

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