From the web to the press, from crafts to large companies, from small towns to metropolises: sustainability has been a common topic for years in many discussions and different contexts. And fashion is one of them.

Many times we have talked about sustainability, what sustainable fashion is, how it develops its harmonious relationship with the environment and with people. We have been talking for years about the protection of the planet and the protection of people but why choose green fashion? What are the benefits of investing in a sustainable garment?

Because green fashion is environmentally friendly.Often when the task to be accomplished is difficult (just like that of saving the planet) we throw in the towel before starting. By doing so we do not, we do not begin to change. More than in any other context, in fashion, large and new brands are demonstrating that ethically correct can be aesthetically beautiful. With global warming, pollution, water contamination, the environment and the health of the people who live there are compromised. From production to purchase, the transformation of habits is an urgent matter. Where to start? Read the labels, pay attention to the composition, to the made: creating a more sustainable wardrobe is the first but excellent step towards change.

Because green fashion respects and protects workers.With the boom of fast fashion, all the knots have come to a head. The overproduction of millions and millions of garments, moreover useless, has led not only to catastrophic effects on the environment but also on people. The conditions of workers involved in the life cycle of a fashion product in countries like Bangladesh have often turned out to be surreal. Very low wages, total absence of security, abuses, hygienic and social conditions beyond the law. So why choose green fashion? Because respect for people is a value to be protected, because when you wear a garment you wear a story. Choose the right one.

Because green fashion has a link with the territory.Zero kilometer, or almost. Green fashion supports the development of local activities, arts and traditions. From the rediscovery and enhancement of ancient manual arts, to the use of local raw materials, to the link with the territory and its supply chain. Local enhancement also takes place with techniques and arts handed down over time: exclusive processes, typical of a place and therefore feasible and available are in some places. Small artisan workshops where production is on a human scale and where uniqueness still exists and resists.

Because green fashion is innovation.The development of sustainable fashion contributes to the research and experimentation of alternative production methods. Innovation and the constant desire to find increasingly green solutions therefore determine a propensity towards the past and towards the birth of new processes, thus promoting economic and social growth. From upcycling, which from dead stock garments, obtains fabrics to be used to make new zero waste garments, which conceives and creates the product without creating waste, up to the use of alternative experimental materials such as Pinatex, the ecological leather made from pineapple.

Because green fashion is well-being.Natural, ecological and high quality fabrics avoid the risk of exposure to contact with harmful and irritating substances. Choose wellness and pay attention to what you buy: chemical treatments such as dyeing poor clothes can cause discomfort, dermatitis and allergic reactions.

Because green fashion is… evergreen!So time ago, being able to find an ecological but aesthetically attractive garment was not that simple. Today all this has been overcome: research and design have met and meet daily in products with a high quality and stylistic level. Trench coats recreated with the upcycling technique, wooden bags, jewels made with crochet and aluminum recycling, parkas made with marble dust... Thanks to the careful research and selection of raw materials and the experimentation of new creations, choose a garment green really means buying an evergreen! Something so unique today and even more exclusive tomorrow. It is true that prices are often higher but investing in green fashion also means preferring quality over quantity, opting for a product destined to last over time and not lose its charm.

Buy less but better: create a green wardrobe and dress the change. What are you waiting for? Discover our sustainable brands!