Light, elegant but also so pretty. Once the only protagonists of the great soirée, feathers now become the favorite detail of daywear garments and accessories. An inspiration that takes flight and that make your wardrobe super glam.

Top, skirt, more or less long dresses, bags, shoes ... lightness is laid on clothes, accessories and different styles wearing feathers. An unexpected detail that will make even the most minimal look exclusive: yes, because the challenge is to find the right combo, without exaggerating with the doses and with the plumage pieces. Our style tip? Focus on accessories and have fun mixing them.

From detail to trend, from haute couture to prêt-à-porter, feathers continue to make history in fashion. Paul Poiret's evening gowns, the charm of the Belle Époque, the Charleston dancers, the scenographic, sensual, vaguely boudoir, have always been emblems of femininity.

They trim edges, move skirts, decorate sleeves and shoulders, triumph over shoes and bags. Black or colorful... feathers tous le jours! Because basically we all need lightness: so, why not start making our looks lighter with accessories?


Like a romantic headband to wear with elegance in your hair, or a nice snood to put around your neck to immediately get feminine and sensual outfits, or even brooches with feathers to apply on tailored jackets or coats to add a touch of class and personality. Details, small or big, that make the difference, feathers dress us with beauty, light-heartedness and let's face it also with amusing vanity.

So light but at the same time so scenographic and chic, are you ready to move your next looks with style? Discover now our selection of feathered accessories: unique pieces made in Italy.