Axum is the name of an exclusive made in Italy jewelry brand, made with art and passion. Jewelery, one-of-a-kind pieces that tell stories, expressing a lively and engaging imagery. The typically Italian craftsmanship blends with distant inspirations and atmospheres, the colors of Africa and the strong emotions that bind the founder and designer of the brand to this place. In fact, Africa is for her not just a source of inspiration but a land where she lived part of her life and destined an important part of her time.

Axum jewels are handmade, one by one, with the ancient sculptural technique of lost wax. In bronze or silver, they light up in color with the rough stones: a perfect mix, a refined elegance that makes uniqueness its best side.

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The Mediterranean, energy, creativity: Axum's creations are the result of a long process, which chooses craftsmanship, its techniques and its high quality.

Axum enhances femininity, capturing its nuances. Different colors, stones, jewels that tell the woman in every part of her. Unique pieces that never cease to amaze, to provoke emotion, joy. Continuous research, combined with art and goldsmith tradition, makes Axum jewels so fascinating and contemporary.

From the classic chain, reinterpreted with handmade links and embellished with a large rock crystal in the chain version, to the timeless beauty of band rings, from sculpture bracelets to iconic rings, sinuous in shapes and embellished with stones. Discover Axum and immediately combine its jewels with all your looks!

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