If you too open your wardrobe every morning and stay looking at it for confused hours, lost in the mountain of clothes but nothing really convincing to wear, you can't miss this post. You can't not know what the Capsule Wardrobe is and how it is made.

The new beautiful pumps but from those centimeters in height today are really too many, the pleated skirt with the tag still attached, oh my God and the mini one "why did I decide to buy it in that color?"... Stop compulsive shopping, serial accumulations of garments and accessories and instead embrace a new purchasing philosophy, a new lifestyle: the Capsule Wardrobe.

grey and yellow turtleneck sweater by arianna di maio
sneakers luca berioli
zerobarracento grey coat

What is the Capsule Wardrobe and how is it created?

For some time now, the capsule wardrobe has been recurring in the words of many, but its origin is actually not that recent. Coined in the 1970s in London by Susie Faux, owner of a clothing boutique, the Capsule Wardrobe indicates the possibility of creating, organizing and optimizing one's wardrobe by choosing a few but versatile high-quality garments and accessories. A more focused and conscious approach to shopping, which will save us time and feel at ease in our looks. And no, you will not spend more. On the contrary, by focusing on evergreen and quality garments you can get rid of all the useless and poor clothes and accessories and instead prefer pieces that last and do not pass with the seasons. The Capsule Wardrobe achieved its greatest fame thanks to Donna Karan who launched the Seven Easy Pieces in 1985, a brilliant capsule collection made up of seven interchangeable clothes to dress without too many doubts and stress to go to work.

But let's go back to today. First of all, to organize a Capsule Wardrobe, you need to choose a small number of basic, quality, versatile items to mix together to build different looks according to the occasions of use. Are you ready to revolutionize your wardrobe? Follow a few simple rules and you'll see that creating the Capsule Wardrobe will be easier than you think.

Premise: numbers matter but they are not everything. The majority argues that the clothes in the wardrobe must be at most 37, others that can fluctuate up to 50, others still much more minimalist do not accept more than a dozen. Difficult undertaking? Don't worry, you just have to start: after all, if you think about it, already now you always wear the same things, leaving the rest hanging for whole seasons in the wardrobe.

mini printed dress alessandro de benedetti
Clemsa pink leather pochette
Ellementi trenchcoat

Tip number 1: follow your body first and then fashion.

Hourglass, apple, pear... we have always used these ways to describe the different physicalities that lead us to prefer some clothes over others. Enhancing the silhouette also through the dress will make you feel at ease and choose to wear the same garment several times.

Tip number 2: colors

Focus on basic and easy to match colors. Black, white, gray, navy blue to be mixed with more lively and luminous shades in harmony with the complexion, hair, eyes.

Tip number 3: quality

Prefer quality over quantity. Choosing a Capsule Wardrobe over a wardrobe full of clothes also means using the same garments often: the fabrics and their quality are essential to last over time, given the frequent washing and treatments. Don't forget to read the label, prefer natural fibers, creations made in Italy with attention to the environment.

Which must-haves are absolutely essential in a Capsule Wardrobe?

Here we are. Definitely a nice little black dress, the dress of the dresses, the shirt to match your work look but also wear more creatively in your appointments outside the office (we love those of YouareU). The tailored coat is made in Italy just like those by Alipinta or Zerobarracento, the black blazer, a very soft sweater (we make the thread to those of Arianna Di Maio), the cigarette pants, the must of must, that is jeans, a female printed dress like those designed by Alessandro De Benedetti, a romantic and slightly soft skirt to wear both in a business context and for your dinners with friends , the trenchcoat. But accessories are also important. In your Capsule Wardrobe you cannot miss a pair of timeless pumps, ankle boots and very comfortable sneakers, slip on. And for the bags? A maxi bag to carry everything you need (like that of the SPAZIOiF) and a clutch bag for your elegant appointments (like that of the Clemsa).

susana madrid black slip on with embroidered gold
youareu white shirt
spazio if maxi bag

And don't forget: to make your Capsule Wardrobe truly special, remember to add your own touch of style and personality!