Gold jewelry… are you ready to shine? Sparkling, bright and yes even a little strong. Whether they are rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets, the most popular bijoux for this year will also be of the most precious color in the world. Which? But gold, of course! Because… who said that only a diamond is forever!?! Amulets, good luck charms or romantic promises of love. Give a gold touch to your jewelry box!

Showy as works of art or small and minimal to wear all together. Cascades of threads around the neck, hands dressed in rings or rigid bracelets to feel like a goddess. The jewels of today sometimes reinterpret the great classics with modernity, others enjoy being covered with stones and colors, still others preserve a slightly vintage style. But everyone, yes everyone is linked by a single thread... gold! And even if not all that glitters is gold, take a look at our gold list and choose your "golden jewel".

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Half Moon Earrings - Axum.

What's more beautiful, magical, precious than a dream? For all dreaming women: these special Axum earrings are dedicated to them. In bronze, they stand out for their delicate, composed, never broken elegance. A must have in your jewelry box!

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Kora Bangle - Arte Facta.

What do you think of Arte Facta's 23 kt gold plated brass bracelet? With hand-applied crystal stones, it will make you shine with style and elegance. Truly a marvel of a jewel.

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Knot Necklace - Chiara Quatrale.

And among our gold jewels, a great classic such as Chiara Quatrale's knot necklace cannot be missing. A timeless evergreen to combine with your daily wear looks for a touch of style or to wear with elegance with more chic evening outfits.

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Ignis Gold Eyes Jewel – MON.

Light up your style with a truly unique and original piece like the Gold Eyes Jewel with central cross and crystals by MON. Wear it between your two eyes and catch the eye of others: it will immediately make you brighter and more fascinating.

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Mini Geometries Earrings - Elisabetta Boitani

Mini, geometric and in gold-plated bronze, Elisabetta Boitani's earrings illuminate the face with many small princess-cut zircons. A unique jewel, created by hand in the heart of Rome, the city of the brand. Here the goldsmith tradition meets the contemporary taste of the designer, who creates exclusive pieces, made every time to perfection.

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Maya D. Guardian Cuff - Dea Rail

A triumph of elegance, craftsmanship and made in Italy: the Dea Rail sculpture bracelet is sinuous and elegant. Hand-carved, with an 18kt gold-plated bronze eye in bas-relief and 925 silver chains dipped in 18-karat gold, it contains a precious story: each Maya D. Guardian jewel is in fact a protective ornament and guardian of the wearer's fortune. More than a bracelet, a jewel to be preserved and handed down.