Gold jewelry… are you ready to shine? Sparkling, bright and yes even a little strong. Whether they are rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets, the bijoux for the next upcoming year will be of the most precious color in the world. Which? But gold, of course! Because… who said that only a diamond is forever!?! Amulets, good luck charms or romantic promises of love. Give a gold touch to your jewelry box!

Showy as works of art or small and minimal to wear all together. Cascades of threads around the neck, hands dressed in rings or rigid bracelets to feel like a goddess. The jewels of today sometimes reinterpret the great classics with modernity, others enjoy being covered with stones and colors, still others preserve a slightly vintage style. But everyone, yes everyone is linked by a single thread... gold! And even if not all that glitters is gold, take a look at our gold list and choose your "golden jewel".

chio jewelry design mono earring


Mono Foglia earrings – Chio Jewelry Design.

Cool like a single earring, handcrafted like a real handmade jewel. Chio Jewelry Design mixes art, femininity and the beauty of exclusive accessories in its bronze creations.

chiara quatrale gold ring with stone


Mini Vulcano Ring – Chiara Quatrale.

Romantic, feminine, elegant. Chiara Quatrale's mini Vulcano is truly a special ring, a real must among our gold jewels! Handmade with the traditional lost wax casting technique, it is a beautiful seal of love to give as a gift.

gold eyes ring mon


Ignis Gold Eyes Jewel – MON.

Light up your style with a truly unique and original piece like the Gold Eyes Jewel with central cross and crystals by MON. Wear it between your two eyes and catch the eye of others: it will immediately make you brighter and more fascinating.

maxi gold-colored hoop earrings dea rail


Re-Hoops Earrings – Dea Rail.

And among our gold jewels, hoop earrings cannot be missing. A timeless evergreen to combine with your daily wear looks, increasing its style, or worn with more elegant outfits. Which ones have we chosen for you? Dea Rail's exclusive Re-Hoops.

collanvrosi gold necklace


Tube Necklace Shal – Collanevrosi.

Do you love jewelry but prefer a minimal chic style? The Collanevrosi necklace, from the Tube collection, is then perfect for you. Clean, essential and in golden brass, it is easy to match and ideal to wear on many different occasions.

elisabetta boitani gold maxi bracelet with pearl


Drops Gold Bracelet – Elisabetta Boitani.

A triumph of elegance, craftsmanship and made in Italy. The sculpture bracelet by Elisabetta Boitani, in gold-plated bronze and with natural pearl, encloses a timeless beauty in its sinuosity. More than a bracelet, a jewel to be preserved and handed down.

maxi carolina ravarini gold leaf-shaped earrings


Palermo Maxi Earrings – Carolina Ravarini.

Among our favorite gold jewels are Carolina Ravarini's lobe earrings. The maxi gingko biloba leaves represent the strength and the ability to get up after the most difficult situations: precious also in their meaning!

arte facta gold ring with stones


Kora Peony Ring – Arte Facta.

And to top it off, what do you think of Arte Facta's 23 kt gold plated brass ring? With crystal stones applied by hand, it will make you shine for style and elegance. Truly a marvel of a jewel.