One above the other: create your layering look by selecting exclusive items to mix together. Shirt, cardigan and coat; the extra fine turtleneck under the oversized sweater, the polo shirt in combo with the knitted vest… With layering, have fun composing your own game of layers and joints to face the days with style even when the temperatures change during the day.

Don't worry, the old onion look has nothing to do with it! In any self-respecting layering, nothing is left to chance, and style is never lacking. How to compose a perfect one? Select exclusive but basic items, versatile and easy to combine must-haves, and add your extra touch. Customize your mix and match by opting for creative and never the same overlaps, having fun creating new combinations.

Are you afraid that the layering look can engulf your silhouette? Don't worry: just follow a few small tricks and avoid style slips.


The first tip is certainly not to choose too heavy and oversized garments. Wear the slimmer and lighter garment underneath, adhering to your shape: follow a real scale of weight, volume and length so as to more easily create your layered looks without mistaking the proportions.

A good idea? Wear a slimfit turtleneck, add a tailored shirt and a nice tailored maxi coat: three layers, three musts, an elegant layering look. Do you prefer sportwear? Put on the t-shirt, add a sweatshirt with graphics or lettering and complete the look with a timeless leather biker.

Other small but important tips to get a winning layering look? Watch out for colors: focus on monochromatic combinations or on the same range of nuances, playing the card of contrasts on accessories. If you opt for prints, choose only one printed garment and combine the others with this, focusing on neutrals.


So are you ready? Choose your favorites from our must-haves and have fun mixing them together for an exclusive and personalized layering look.