Cat eye, maxi, round, colorful, with mirrored lenses... eyewear today offers many models and variants to choose from. Sunglasses are an accessory that, especially in summer, never misses in our looks. In fact, in addition to protecting from the sun, they have become a real must that enhances our face and our style.

Obviously if chosen well. Yes, because it is true that trends and fashions have fun proposing different eyewear models but, to frame our face and enhance the features, it is necessary to choose the right shape for us. How? Trying to create a balance between face and sunglasses: if for example you want to lengthen your gaze, cat-eyes or butterfly models are perfect while if you have a small face, don't choose the maxi ones.


In the world of eyewear, the great classics never die. They reconfirm themselves, renewing themselves season after season. For example, one of the most popular musts continues to be square sunglasses: geometric, structured, important certainly do not go unnoticed. Who are they good for? To all those who have a round face but also to those who want to rebalance a long face: their geometries enhance the cheekbones and chin.

For those who love maxi sunglasses it is certainly a good season: as a great diva, they are among the most popular frames ever. Black, tortoiseshell, two-tone, gold... you are spoiled for choice. More than the shape, here pay attention to the size: do not exaggerate in the case of a small face.

A hipster touch, a refined and exclusive style: round sunglasses are the right choice for those who love to add an accessory with personality to their look. It is the ideal frame for those with an elongated face or with angular features. If you have a round face and don't want to give up this model, choose the pantoscopic frame: oval but more flattened at the top.

And finally, in our eyewear proposal, they could not miss them: the cat eyes! Cat-shaped sunglasses are synonymous with femininity and sensuality. Proposed in many different models, they look good on practically everyone, especially on round or triangular face.

What are you waiting for? Let yourself be inspired by our selection of sunglasses and choose the right ones for you, for your face and your style!