The video interview begins, the third Talk about also. In front of me two women, two professionals who create stories to wear every day. In a path written by thoughts and words, fashion takes shape in all its nuances. The research, the design, the constancy of always being there, from the idea to the finished product. Nothing is left to chance but everything is taken care of in the smallest detail, that detail that makes the difference, which is the difference. And you recognize it, and you perceive it. Protagonists of our new Talk about Chiara Perrot, founder and designer of the clothing brand f the same name, and Stefania Tortella, founder & designer of the Stkreo jewelry brand. No punch and answer but a flow of words, of ideas for new reflections... To share a moment, more than a state.

We are experiencing unique days of their kind, which we will carry with us for a long time. Too long to be quickly forgotten. How will all this reflect on what we will wear? Fashion has always absorbed, mirrored and interpreted the times we live in, in which we live. It is precisely from this question that this new Talk about begins...

Model wears stkreo necklace
Stefania Tortella

Fashion, a great container: time, events, inspirations, revolutions ... How does the context influence what you do? How will it affect what we are experiencing on fashion?

Chiara Perrot: “There have been moments of black hole in this period, but I had and I have goals so I continued to work even if with logistic difficulties, suppliers and closed companies. I hope that all this will lead to an approach, to a more sustainable and aware consumption, which favors quality over quantity ".

Now the perception of the product is misleading, often distorted. We perceive very low quality products as high-end goods, we erroneously give and take away value, it is everything and the opposite of everything... Stefania, what will this moment bring?

Stefania Tortella: “I produce everything on my own therefore my work has not stopped, despite the difficulties of the context. This period for those who make high-quality pieces was an opportunity on the one hand: once you have worn and tried the difference of the well-made it is difficult to go back, as when you discover the good restaurant after you do not go back to fast food. When you get used to quality, you get used to mass product, so I'm optimistic. In addition, it is necessary to place the emphasis and attention on sustainability in every sector including fashion ".

You are both two architects. You have an enterprising and characteristic approach towards matter and experimentation. Explore fashion, the creative process in all its nuances, you have both hand-painted jewelry and garments...

Stefania Tortella: “Leather, the raw material I have chosen, is fascinating. Its softness lends itself to experimentation: the challenge was for me to tie a jewel, therefore the concept of luxury, to leathers from scraps, which are then ennobled with upcycling. I love to define my jewels as tailored architectures, something different that lives with the movement of the wearer. Become part of the wearer and here also the color comes into play, the 3D effect that gives it plasticity, the play of light... The jewel becomes part of the wearer, it is chameleon-like and the colors as Kandinsky said influence the emotional state, they are a means of influencing people's souls."

Chiara Perrot: "I started to insert after painting, the color and the collections began to be more... romantic. I always start with minimal volumes and forms: it is the beginning from which I start to develop, to create and build a story. A to excite you must excite me, leave an emotion. My path is evolving, it is growing, it is changing, it is not finished yet."

Emotion and creativity. Two connected words: one gets excited to create but also to look, to appreciate the fruits born of creativity. How do you manage these two spheres, how do you make them coexist? It's not always easy...

Stefania Tortella: “I have always lived with a darker side and a more positive side, two opposite spheres, the yin and the yang, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. When I have an idea, I let it in but then I let it settle, my rational part makes it decant. In addition, the technical part, wearability and functionality are fundamental. On the other hand, in the color I let the rest, the freest part, be expressed."

Chiara Perrot: "I try to be as impulsive as possible. I now make the samples myself, to understand where I start and where I want to arrive, to understand if the leaders can tell a story, to be able to change, make changes, grasp its harmony. Even at a time or on a particular day I can concentrate on my work and give my all, however. I want to convey emotions with my clothes, I like the idea of moving through what I create, of leaving an emotion."

Chiara Perrot
Model wears Chiara Perrot dress with maxi flower

There is something that has not yet been written or said about your collections and jewelry ...

Chiara Perrot: "An interpretation, a perception of the collection rather than a story. Even in a more technical interpretation. Often we reduce everything to two macro areas, I like and I don't like it, without going further with the reason, with the motivation also in the positive, not only negative case ".

Stefania Tortella: "I agree with Chiara: I would like to understand how others interpret the identity of my brand, how it is perceived by others, experts in the sector and not. Confrontation is important, it makes you grow. "

I agree, we should strive to give space to the objective as well as the subjective, to go all the way, to clarify thoughts and opinions. In life, in general. To go beyond the likes and dislikes.

And speaking of life... Does fashion influence your free time? Can you take your mind off? What do you like doing?

Chiara Perrot: "Disconnect? No I can not. I often don't sleep because I think about how I can improve, what I can do, I'm always looking for new inputs and even if you don't look for them, they arrive. In any branch of creativity it is a bit like that. One thing that makes me unplug, relax, that unloads me is to go out and walk for kilometers with loud music on headphones."

Stefania Tortella: "Being a designer is a way of being. At any time, even on vacation, at night or in the shower, inspiration can come, input, ideas can come. I like cooking, playing sports, I love to move, I am a former volleyball player."

I'm very curious! How do you imagine your look when you go out again?

Chiara Perrot: "Certainly about to open my store, a special outfit, my uniform: soft trousers and short t-shirt".

Stefania Tortella: "A nice 70s style total look. Wide palazzo pants, wedge shoes, a maxi hat..."

It is in the wake of these words, of the smiles that break the screen arriving at their destination, of the hands that simulate a kiss and a repeated greeting until the call is not over, that this third Talk about fashion and its nuances ends. Thanks Chiara, Thanks Stefania.