Fashion addicted reporting, it's official, the appointment with flowers this year comes early. March makes you wait but the most eye-catching trends absolutely not! Floral prints did not want to linger and wait for sunny days or the scent of spring because they bloom fearlessly on sartorial garments and parade lustily in the most exclusive catwalks of the fashion system. Have we convinced you? Well, then choose your fabulous (floral) uniform with our unmissable The Look Flowers.

Flowers are no longer exclusively the heritage of Spring/Summer collections, no, now they become protagonists of warm, mild and cold, frozen seasons accompanying us 365 days out of 365, and we certainly do not complain! The portfolio of floral dresses is endless, animated by vibrant reds and tender pinks, vivid greens and intense yellows, the flower print is distributed over meters of floating lengths or impact mini size, there is something for everyone!

However, 2020 gives the green light to new interpretations and more sought-after combinations. No longer lying on a total look, now the florage rises in small doses with a more mature imprint. Well yes, the redundancy of waterfalls of roses, white calluses and sunflowers leaves room for more complex intuitions in their essentiality, to patterns almost hinted, but never mere extras, always and only main characters of this story that is about to ... bloom!

No longer a sort of monotonous quote, the flowers now become actors of three-dimensional applications that sprout sumptuous on embroidered tops or structured dresses. Hear, hear: the wide wheelskirts can laze a little in the closet while the accessories enjoy their highly anticipated solo-moment on stage. Oh yes, handbags, kitten heels, cutting-edge jewelry... these are the new royals of the flower trend. The looks become more thoughtful and the shades are getting darker, in every sense! Brushstrokes of paint, constructions of unconventional materials, rigid silhouettes and dark patterns: the docile soul and romantic delicacy told by the floral plots have evolved into savoir-faire, a vehement femininity and why not, so much Naughty.

What is the key to success for a triumphant floral look? The little details! We know, daring is our mantra but it takes equal good taste in taking a step back and admiring the simplicity of things... so attention please: don't fall into traps of florid and abundant floral prints from head to toe, but choose to show off your sobriety. Identify the statement pieces of your outfit and accompany it with soft color blocking, scrupulous but minimal cuts and cold-colored accessories so as not to exasperate the flowery motif.

Pretty choreographies of blissful petals have characterized fabrics and silhouettes of past eras, have told the ethnic flavour of distant places and cultures but today they draw a contemporary woman to whom NO is not allowed, describe the new face of womanhood, they shout power!

In short, it is trivial and obvious to think that floral creations are an imperative of spring or the hot month of August not suitable for the city with the usual light cover-ups and maxidresses for evening at the beach. If you're skeptical, well, we're going to make you think again... we just have to pull our aces out of our sleeve: here's The Look Flowers!

The Look Flowers: top by Chiara Perrot


Three-dimensional Violette Tshirt - Chiara Perrot

Chiara Perrot's creation is a contemporary interpretation of the floral trend. The approach is minimal, the lines are clean and the fabric falls soft on the torso. The rose comes to life in its three-dimensional work with gloomy colors and handmade paintwork. The nuances tell of a femininity revisited between a mixture of romance and power... a praise to the modern woman.

The Look Flowers: mini skirt by Yekaterina Ivankova


Eco-friendly skirt London - Yekaterina Ivankova

Yekaterina Ivankova gives new life to scraps of materials, so denim shapes and politely embraces the silhouette. A garment with a grunge and irreverent flavour with the hem cut to the brim and its asymmetries. Perfect to accompany a statement garment and dress a metropolitan woman... with gusto!

The Look Flowers: sneaker by Luca Berioli


Classic Low-H.Eyes - Luca Berioli

Sober lines and impeccable carvings, Luca Berioli's sneaker is a must have of the women's wardrobe. With its essential aesthetic it carries high the name of sporty-chic style. The high-end leather is rigorously processed in Italy and its character, so bold and impactful, tells a cosmopolitan taste. A passpartout shoe that won't get away.

The Look Flowers: handbag by Kristina C


Elegant Cecile Flora Botanica - Kristina C.

Kristina C.'s mini bag is a precious treasure chest of refinement and royalty. The rich blue is the background to a majestic scenery thanks to the opulence of the golden details and the slightly embossed floral brocade fabric. The undisputed star of any outfit, this accessory denotes so much brazennessy without losing its glamorous charm. Rich but not redundant, the floral print is the master.

The Look Flowers: earrings by Nobahar Design


Delicate Earrings Viola Collection Blue - Nobahar Design

The blue tints rest softly on hand-painted earrings. Romantic in form but striking to the touch... The creation of Nobahar Design pays homage to the trend of flowers with sharp cunning and a lot, a lot of creativity. The essential accessory to complete a contemporary floral look and character. To have and show off absolutely!